Corruption is the Real face of Kenyan Politics

Hardly a year passes in Kenya without corruption allegations being leveled against politicians and senior government officials. from the Goldenberg to the Anglo-leasing sagas; Triton to the Standard Gauge Railway heat; Free primary Education funds…the list is endless! And fresh allegations keep streaming in. the latest being shoddy land deals as well as credible indications that the supreme law making body, the National Assembly, is now in the center of it all!

Suggestions that the old and tired politicians were the corrupt prone component of Kenyan politics is now a proven fallacy. Corruption is embraced by all politicians in Kenya, both young and old. Those with whom Kenyan taxpayers; as overworked, underpaid yet overtaxed as they are; have entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring proper utilization of their hard-earned tax cuts for the development of the country are the actual hyenas, greedy with the appetite of amassing more and more for themselves.

In fact, the youthful generation are smart enough to share the loot amongst themselves and hence compromise investigations intended to enhance transparency in the utilization of public funds! Corruption is a shared evil for all, whether in government or the opposition. Here, the code is the same, ‘eat while you still can’.

This article cannot go without mentioning the hot issue at hand surrounding the youthful and flamboyant politician Ababu Namwamba. That many started considering him as the crop of leaders required to take Kenya to the next level in terms of political democracy, transparency and accountability is not a light matter. It remains to be seen just how far he will grope in the darkness before finally finding the light.

It is also absurd that our leaders would rather retreat to their ethnic cocoons to issue threats and ultimatums whenever they are faced with corruption charges. Instead of piling pressure on the individuals to clear their names, they act as the safety valve and coalesce around the villain like a prized gem. For how long will this go on? And better yet, is this the mandate that best serves the interests of the electorate?

The times are changing and the tides are fast approaching. The civil society and like-minded Kenyans are taking it upon the,selves to be the direct instruments of change. The society continues to ail, but for how long will the cure be elusive?

Ooko Victor

The Politician’s Psalm

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The Politician is my Shepherd; I shall want
He maketh me lie down in empty stomachs
He leadeth me into ethnic tension
He arouseth my doubt of his intention
He leadeth me in the path of destruction for his party’s sake

Yeah, I walk in the valley of the shadow of uncertainty
And I fear evil, for thou art with me
The fanatics and sycophants, they frighten me;

Though preparest the scheme of your tyranny before me
In the presence of tough economic times
Thou anointed mine income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over!

Surely unemployment and debts will follow me
All the days of your Administration,
And I shall dwell in a mortgaged house forever!

Ooko Victor