My Father’s Face


The clock always ticks
Never stops or play tricks
Now nineteen and counting
Another day tick – tocking

Only today it is Sunday
And to me it is that day
Twenty third of the third
When the one I call Dad
Would breathe his very last
Sojourning his march to dust

To me it is that day
When fate put dad at bay
To watch and see me grow
In the shapes I chose to draw

Today brings the moments
As  my emotions stream in torrents
And I make out my father’s face
When he had his fate to face
With options thin as dew
Presented for his final brew

I miss my father’s face
Now lost beyond trace
The more I seek to make a match
The further I draw so out of touch

In my life as a growing lad
There are times I get so lost
And wish for your hovering ghost
To come forth and tap my back
Urge me on when all is dark

I know that you’re gone
But back then I did not mourn
In my mind daddy was sleeping
How I wish I was only dreaming!

I was four
Now almost twenty four
Thriving on your good deeds
In a life of rare leads
A lesson I vow to keep
That doing good earns a leap

To my siblings
Rich and Ben
Immaculate, Dan and Eve
And my best man Steve

This piece is as much for you
As it is for this day of hue
Tomorrow we wake up stronger
In this quest that just takes longer
But with patience and persistence
We get more than just subsistence

I am my father’s face
His name and zealous grace
As he rests in ultimate peace
I will live to complete his lease

Rest In Peace Dad. We love you.
We Miss you.

(In loving memory of Pius Ooko Ohito-95)

Ooko Victor.

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