This Man Ole Lenku

It is now slightly more than one month since the heinous attacks meted on the innocent civilians of Mpeketoni, Lamu County. Attacks that dealt a blow to our very own cores and spread a wave of panic in the entire country. At least, that’s how it looked like, back then. soon after, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior and Coordination of National Government Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku blatantly accused the opposition, and especially the CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga of the acts of atrocities that had bedevilled the coastal county! A couple of days later, his sentiments were confirmed by the president Kenyatta himself citing extensive information from the Intelligence Service! Yet one month down the line and the attacks seem go on un abetted. Lamu county have known nothing but an agonising month in which their loved ones have continued to perish in the hands of criminal masterminds with their government watching. Was Ole Lenku chosen to the docket more for his naivety than for his capability to effectively administer the docket for which he was appointed?

Ole Lenku holds a Diploma in Hotel Management from the Kenya Utalii College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Nairobi which he acquired in 2009. According to a resume posted on the Utalii College website, Ole Lenku had worked exclusively in the hospitality industry and was the General Manager of the Utalii Hotel before his appointment as Cabinet Secretary. Having held no open position in government that dealt with matters of national security or high-level public administration, questions have arisen as to whether he is capable of handling Kenya’s worsening security crisis especially in the wake of the Westgate Shopping Mall attacks in September 2013 and the recent killings in Mpeketoni.(Adapted from Wikipedia). There similarly continues to exist a lax response from the police force on insecurity all over the country and the pressure seems to be rising.

Just how does one move from being a hotel manager to being heading the docket in charge of security in the country? I honestly see nothing but the glaring disconnect abound! Kenyans are right in calling for sanity in th security docket. Kenyans are right in calling for moral as well as political responsibility from the various officials appointed to national offices! If Uhuru cared so much from Ole Lenku, he would as well have appointed him the State house Controller and made him his business! At the moment, he is nothing more than a national nuisance jostling within the oversize chair with the hope than one day he will grow to it in it. By going around in churches and public gatherings accusing the opposition of recruiting mercenaries to cause chaos…is one really offering solutions aimed at alleviating the situation?

Away from issues of insecurity and on to matters liquor; Kenya has so far seen the loss over 100 lives due to the consumption of illicit brews. The death toll is ever rising as ultimatums after ultimatums are issued. The last time I heard, the CS was waiting for one more Kenyan to succumb to the lethal brew for ‘heads to start rolling!’. Seriously? I am obviously not a fan of mediocrity and especially from people who seem to be out on a trial and error method of managing the national security issues. I’d rather we had someone competent to fill in this docket. Someone well versed with the intricacies of security to be able to engage on policy issues without waiting for notes dished out to him by the advisory panel. That person is not this man. That person is not Ole Lenku.

Enough with the Words; Actions Please!

The Interior CS yesterday grabbed the headlines with his blatant allegations naming the opposition CORD coalition as being behind the recent spate of attacks and terrorist activities in the country! Whether it is another case of heated rhetoric or the results of a careful and comprehensive investigation is yet to be revealed. This more brave and direct attack in comparison to President Uhuru’s assertion that blanketly laid the blame on ‘political leaders’ leaving pundits to draw conclusions for themselves is the latest twist following the Mpeketoni attacks close to a week ago in which more than 60 people were killed and property of great value destroyed. The Mpeketoni attacks has further given fresh impetus to the tribalism debate that has for long been an underlying factor in shaping political ideology and waging support.

The CS claimed that the opposition was using Mungiki, MRC and Alshabaab operatives to cause chaos and depict the government as unable to govern the nation. Such claims have serious weight and especially coming from a cabinet secretary; a person appointed to expertly coordinate and ensure the security of every single person in the country; citizens and visitors. As much I may not agree with the decision by CORD insisting on their rallies; their activities are well within the constitutional thresholds and so is the government and especially the Police in giving them the green light. What then is the fault by the CORD brigade that elicit such outbursts from the outspoken CS? Is he powerless in a docket deemed most powerful in the country? Is his own house not in order as to provide a single and justified direction for the country to follow?

The Director of Public Prosecutions listed nineteen politicians from across the political divide to record statements over hates speech and the prosecution over the same have begun. The Inspector General of police on the other hand ordered ‘unknown leaders’ from North Eastern Kenya to record statements over the clashes in their respective areas! The law charges specific people, not groups. Judges hand sentence to individuals. Just like Keriako, the IG needs to address individuals; hoping that he is acting on intelligence collected and not hearsay! The police need to step up their game. If Raila is killing Kenyans then he should be jailed! The same applies to Kalonzo Musyoka or Moses Wetangula! No tribe was taken to The Hague; specific leaders were! Ole Lenku definitely knows that!

Evidence of the opposition coordinating with either the Mungiki or MRC or even Alshabaab should be availed. The whole country awaits and highly welcomes such course of action. In fact, only the sitting president is immune from prosecution while in office. Everyone else is bound by the laws of the land. We need to know if Raila is destroying the same Kenya he helped build; Or whether all this is a well-orchestrated government propaganda aimed at covering for their deficiencies in guaranteeing Kenya and Kenyans their security.

Enough said; Action please!

Ooko Victor.