The Shades of Love


The potent 4 lettered word
Yet still attractive to the attentive
Enough to get heads rolling
And minds boggling

When sincere, it is a joy
When shared it nurtures hope
Belief that we are valued
We are appreciated
And that someone understands

When feigned, love hurts
It is exploitative and manipulative
It shatters dreams and disrupts futures
It is a double-edged sword
That just won’t stop cutting

No one really gets it
Not even they that have it
No formula is consistent
No approach is certain
Love is mysterious

Experts say,
Guard your feelings
True love waits…
Yet others have lost
Just because they held their horses!

Others say,
There is love at first sight
And that tomorrow never comes
Yet in seeming so eager
They appeared so desperate

There is never the way
The one true way
There are shades of love
You get what you can have
And if you do, count yourself lucky!

Ooko Victor

He is Not Alejandro

He is What you've got.

He is What you’ve got.

He’s not Alejandro
He’s just but a regular guy
With a regular heart.
That fault-full guy
Whose closest brush with satisfaction
Was when you gave him your time
One his dime could not afford.

He’s not Alejandro
His eyes are always bloodshot
Even before he thinks of the tot.
Blue-hazel eyes to him
Belong to the aliens of yonder.
In his presence
Your daydreams no longer suffice.

He’s not Alejandro
In that muscular figure you fantasize
His protruding belly
A definite turn off
And his raspy voice,
A contrast to the melodious baritone
You swore you would seek to eternity!

He is not Alejandro
His pockets sewn shallow
And since expensive is an expense
Count him out
Unless you pay the bills
And let him carry the change
Just so no one robs you.

He’s not Alejandro
Tall dark and Handsome.
A genius to father with you
The little perfection babies.
Not at all
He’s just another guy
Who wants a regular girl.

A random guy
With big dreams and unending effort
With crazy in-laws
And a zero-rated background.
His key investment
Is his brains and determination.
And of course, You.

He’s not Alejandro
his speech thick in accent
Yet he truly loves to speak.
To share his thoughts and views
His beliefs and perspectives
To all who choose to care
And that includes you.

Yet it doesn’t take Alejandro;
to truly fall in love
It takes the both of you.
Your mistakes and imperfections
Your consistency and fidelity
And above all, the desire
To make that love about you.

Ooko Victor.

The Love in the Stars

A dedication to someone missed and kept at heart.

A dedication to someone missed and kept at heart.

If stars could speak
I would thrive in nightfall
Seek out every book
With tricks on record
For I would please the stars
If it meant keeping you here

If stars could talk
Then I would miss you less
Every twinkling radiance
Would be a picture of you
And every shooting star
A granted wish

Under the stars we met
More than a probable bet
In the ambiance
We struck allegiance
That as the days pass
So we gather mass

Under the beautiful serenity
We embraced eternity
Modernity dictated we link up
A guarantee to catch up
On all blissful moments lost
In times we could not play host

This stars filled love
Is all I want to have
My guiding torch
When you are out of touch
My constant reminder
Of why w ain’t asunder

And when the night is dark
And we lose track
When the hurdles come
To upset the calm
The stars inside
Will whether the tide

The stars in us
Will guide the way
And come what may
Our nights and days
Will embrace the rays
Of this love cast in stars

Ooko Victor.


My heart is in pain
Am all alone
Even though you lay close to me
The gap, the distance;
So overwhelming
Yet I can afford to smile
I can afford
To drink away to my troubles

At first it was suspicion
Now a certainty
At first I could assume
Now I can see
I was always here
Where you never wanted me
Now that I know
I can drink away to my troubles

Love never escaped your lips
The sincerity was scarce
Yet I hoped and prayed
For all the paranoia to cease
I trusted you
I needed to be with you
Not anymore
For I can drink away to my troubles

I can drink away the details
Of how we met
For now I realize
Anyone could have met you that way
It was special then
Not any bit more
And I can drink away to that too

Staring at this brew in hand
Sweeter than any moment we shared
The potent color
More conspicuous than your smile
Where I said I wanted you
I need it more
Where I couldn’t do without you
I have it to make me forget
To help me drink away to my troubles

Cheers to you sweetheart
And to all the promises you made
Cheers to the passionate lovemaking
And the later gasps of satisfaction
Cheers to all the plastic moments
For now I know they were
And I can drink away to my troubles

I won’t stay sober no more
For then I will grieve
Thinking of what we could have had
I won’t stay sane
For I dread reliving your touch
Your voice, your fragrance
All I want
Is to drink away to my troubles

Thereafter I can smile
Put on my suit, and smile at the mirror
I can look deep into my soul
And admit so painfully yet truthfully
Just how much I miss you
But until then,
Let me drink away to my troubles.

Ooko Victor

The Broken Rose


It is not everyday
You meet an angel
Bright like the light of day;
A lady of rare mettle
And feel yourself belong

It is not everyday
You pour your heart out
And will hope
On every word you speak
As a fisherman wills his net

Yet this time comes
The chance passes
And the hope fails you;
Not once or twice
but again and again and again

They for whom you couldn’t sleep
And even thought
You would not breathe
Fall short
Of every ideal you hold dear

She for whom
you visualized perfection
Embodies shades darker than gray
And quizzes you mastery
Of character

Character makes a person
Yet elusive it can be
When sought at first sight;
That rose as fair and beautiful
Could just as well be broken

The very broken pieces
that now cast an image
Of calm and composure
Hope and desire;
The need to be appreciated

Yet from hope
Comes even more hope
From desire
A foundation of consistency;
To go and keep on going

From hope
Comes desperation
And the difficult choice
To either stay or let go
Of the rose broken yet full of promise

Ooko Victor.

The Lone Gem


In the dark of the night
I bumped into this treasure
Twinkling, it seemed
Yet the spark was slowly dying inside

Like him in a shining armour
I picked my quest
And wiped away the dirt
That stiffled her twinkly rays

She looked on in appreciation
Relief registering
On every corner
Of her curveseous frame

So lucky was I
For choosing to walk
When I had the option to run
For without the patience at heart
I would never have had her

Precious Gem,
The loveliest I’ve had
Give me the chance
To polish your coat

Give me the chance
To enhance your radiance
Beyond your wildest thoughts
For I want to shine with you

Basking in the beauty of your reflection
And taking every day ahead
With the satisfaction of having you
Just like the abundance abound the stars

From a plain in Israel
Came you in completion
Lighting up my dull bosom
Giving me reason to smile

I want to keep smiling
This day,
I need you to stay

Keep me going and growing
In the majesty that is your character.
Let me share the smear
Of a preciously genuine Gem.

Ooko Victor.

He Was, He’s Not.


With the perfect aura he comes
Charm fine-tuned at the mirror
The epitome of all gentleness
A text book version of a gentleman

His speech is calculated
Punctuated with vivid promise
Where listening feels like fishing
Only, the produce is in abundance!

His words invite laughter
Giggles that crave for attention
He mesmerizes many
And more wish he was for keeps

His goal is simple
The gambler always knows
And goes for the highest prize
Knowing what to keep

The awarded feel elated
The envy of the have-nots
The future can only get brighter
With a perfect man at her side

And yes he is caring!
His touch smoother than his words
Talk of the future dominate his pillow chats
Anything to get the cat out!

The cat that invokes re-awakening
He made a mistake, he will say
That mistake was you
An error deserving an erasure

Like a chameleon
His gentle act withers
What faces you is a beast
One beast with a hefty mission

All that glitters is not a lifeline
If He was, he’s not
Pack up before he packs you up
Fresh pastures are always inviting

The Wild Card


When we set sail
Eager with vigor
To hit on the nail
And Seal this box of love
For a happily ever after
You were mellow
I was solid
The intense passion
Our convenient Holocaust

Thoughts of you
Overwhelmed my being
Desire for you
A constant craving
I wanted you
I needed to have you
And my heart
Forever restless
An eternity beyond reach

You reached out
Back at me
And urged me on
Engulfed by your own
The passion you said
Was one you never felt
One you wanted to keep
And one to never let go

How would we turn out?
I prodded
We are perfect together
You reassured
The dawn of your dreams
The answers to your questions
I loved listening
I enjoyed every word
Desperate I was
To nurture this bud
To water the tree
And watch it transform

Sleep never came easy
Hanging up was murder
The voice on the other end
the lifeline I held onto
I gobbled it down
A syllable after the other
The laughter; the determination
That sobered up my mornings
And lulled down my nights
What more could I need?

Yet one day I found it
That bit that could not fit
That imperfection we all did miss
And one that cast on us
The greatest shadow of doubt
Shredding all solid hope
Of A future with us as one

What defined us
Was the carnal passion
And the fascination
Of its impending realization

What kept us going
Was the unrestricted cravings
The acute need for sensuality
And nothing about personality
The lewd graphics we floated about
A disconnect from priority
In a union destined for the knot

I am at sea
Seeking to confound
To find a foothold
In the midst of marshy ground
To draw the path that leads to us

A future where talk of ‘We’ is certain.

Ooko Victor.

You Found Me…

I was wandering
Before I met you

Lost and confused;
In my own deficiencies

I took
Everything that came my way
I had a rush
Where others saw litter

I feigned understanding;
Always beyond my control
I was insecure
And sank deeper and deeper
With every attempt of remedy

In my eyes
They were all beautiful
My appetite;
a wild surge of hormones
Control sounded alien
The will never stood a chance

That was then;
Before you came to me
The lamp in hand
to the darkness engulfing me
and took me home; to you

That was then
Before you
Before us
Before this new lease of life

I have a purpose
That wasn’t ever there
I have you
And your smile so sweet;
so charming
This day
Is a memory here to stay
And this piece;
My letter to you

I love you.

Ooko Victor

Teach Me…

863994_vbI have had to run around
Thinking and imagining
Of the future I would have
Whom I would end up with
Whether I will be happy
Scared of the unforseen

I have had my run
Enough of being alone
I now need a fresh start
To retreat and stick for a while
To listen and understand
To learn how to love

Teach me
How to cope with all mornings
From now henceforth
To wake up and look at you a new
To appreciate that this day
Begins with us as one
Just as yester-night set on us

Teach me my love
How to tell you good morning
And watch you smile
As you mumble your response
Make me digest the moment
To cherish and imprint them
In my sincerest memories

Teach me my dearest one
The ways of the gentle ones
Those of whom you fantasize
And hold dear their fairy tale
Of a happily ever after

Tell me the secrets
Of staying true to you
And leaving all others behind
Despite the calling hips and thighs
That threaten to have me stalled

Throw me back
Into this reverie
That saw me set eyes on you
In the first place
And make it feel like a moment
To just count from one to fifty
Anniversaries of real timelessness

I am feeble,my love
Drifting away with every day apart
Giving in to the desires of the flesh
The weakness of my fragile heart

Keep me glued,keep me fixed
Keep me coming back for more
Let me in on the keepers’ secret
For I desire to keep you locked
And safely kept
In this ice-box that is my heart

Teach me,my love
Teach me the lessons of Love.

Ooko Victor.