The Blogging Experience – My First Anniversary


On this day, about one year ago, I began the Blogging experience. I began living the writing. My journey towards expressing myself through the art of decoding on print. Sharing my hopes and fears. My thoughts and beliefs. Above all, I spoke my mind. My heart. My desires.

March 29th, 2013 was a day of a rare kind. A day that I woke up in Naivasha following a Senate decision to have the students’ union bosses debriefed and blackmailed into penning down apology letters. The man tasked with the role, the Chief Security Officer. Of course we walked out, and with the police baying for blood, we had to leave. And we set out to Naivasha.

On this day about a year ago, I woke up to the cold morning of Naivasha to get a copy of the dailies. There, I was! And this only meant, we had to keep going. Once in Nairobi, I set on for Kajiado, Magadi. This place I call home. This place I could relax, unwind.

That was when I settled on the Campus Facebook Page, Egerton Campus Life to get a feel of the comrades thoughts. Their moods. How they had chosen to vent their anger and frustrations. Amongst other things, were very frustrated comrades. Comrades who saw our deeds as cowardly. Comrades who chose to vent all their energy on the Union officials. Then I knew I needed to communicate.

The inspiration to start my own blog had largely been inspired by Dennis Shisia. A friend who just like myself believes in the power of information on the hands of the masses. He already had a blog for himself, Denshispeaks which apparently had began with the elections that elevated me into office. He has now gone along to start the most read and most popular online campus magazine, Magazine Reel of which I am an avid fan, reader and correspondent.
Blogging teaches patience. It teaches belief in the self. The belief that you can through persistence. It nurtures the desire to keep going and cutting through fresh ground in the pursuit of fulfillment in success. Setting out there and watching an idea grow into something that others find satisfaction in. Blogging teaches the pursuit of perfection. The philosophy that there is always room for improvement.

Blogging does not only involve one’s own work. It also involves the work of others. It encompasses both reading and writing. Reading the work of other accomplished bloggers or those like us who are out to keep on out doing themselves. I salute Oyunga Pala and Biko Zulu most of us derive inspiration from the work you guys put out there. I also salute my most common reads and peers in Magunga William, Joe Mugendi as well as Hillary Mokaya. You guys are destined for a great Blogging future.

Blogging of course can not be successful without the readers. Our dear readers. From those who cannot hesitate to click on that link as soon as it appears, to those whom although reluctant at first still manage to spare some time for our constant scribbled theatrics. These are the people who deserve the greatest of our gratitude. Those I salute from the deepest of my being. And even though to some they are worthy when the statistics hit high, to myself and those like minded, they are everything that Blogging needs.

Thank you all for making my first year of Blogging quite an experience to behold. The reads, the comments and the constant encouragements have always kept me going.  Looking forward to a far much more adventurous journey towards the 2nd anniversary!

Ooko Victor

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