The Friday Girl


If that lady ain’t attractive
Then she is not the problem
It all lies on the day
That chooses to embrace her
Today is not her day
Coz it’s not yet Friday

Fridays are cool
Fridays stay cool
Friday Girls ;always cool
That’s just the way it is!
You either make it cool
Or watch it grow cool!

The Friday Girl
Is designed for Fridays
She stands out from all others!
From head to toe
She dresses for the day
Just as she does
For the night

On this Day
She’s cheerful and attentive
Only to that which excites
And stirs the inner self
For this rare feeling of satisfaction
Is quite hard to come by

Friday Girls
Meet new people
Not just any people
People who love Fridays
People who make Fridays roll
Yet still have enough for the next

Not all girls
Are Friday Girls
Coz with Fridays
Everything is different!
You have to dress up
And not just any dress!

Fridays are tight!
You have to dress tight
If indeed you ooze Friday
Or you can choose brief
Since all Fridays are short
And always revealing!

Fridays are not Mondays
Friday Girls let the guard low
For they know the graph
Of caution
Can only go lower
As the day goes higher!

Friday Girls only sip
One poison at a time
There’s no hurry to die!
Coz today is Friday
When even death comes easy
If it knows it’s the Friday Girl

You should watch her twist
Writhing and whining
To the tune;Friday tunes
With that inviting facial gesture
That only means one thing
When it appears on Fridays

The Friday Girl
Lives for Fridays
Recovers on Saturdays
And repents on Sundays
When Mondays come
It’s all about Friday again.

Ooko Victor

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