Happy Birthday Miss Reins!

Wisdom like wine
Is perfected with wearing time
The older the wiser
The wiser the more useful
And that’s why today
This 13th stands unique
To you dear friend
A new chapter
In this long book of life

From a day old
And now two decades and counting
Working, praying and hoping
Turning the wheels
To the tunes of destiny
Embracing every new day
As it comes
And every new challenge
As presented


Three sums the number of years
Since this gradual count
Of true friendship
Completed its first
And with more set to follow
My hope against hope
Is stronger we may grow!

Long has been the tread
Falling and dusting the self
Rising up to soldier on
And the trend continues
From the foots of uncertainty
To the heights of success
Yet with patiency
Always the guide
Tomorrow remains bright

This set of words
The least I can do
To put a smile on you
And a pat on your back
And remind you
That for today
And the days to come
In me you have the friend
To stand the test of time

Happy Birthday Winny!
May your zeal to March on
Be renewed every 13th day of March.

Ooko Victor.

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