wpid-li_scaled_profile_picture.jpgOoko Victor Otieno is a Scholar of Sociology and Religious Studies at Egerton University,Njoro (Kenya).
He served as the Secretary General of the Students Union of Egerton University.
He is a self styled Politician(political liberal), Political Activist and Critic.
He loves Swimming and Soccer with Gor Mahia (Local) and Chelsea(Foreign) as his favorite clubs.
His best meal is Ugali, Beef and Kales(Local dish) on a single serving.
Best artist is Akon Thiami of the RnB’s Genre though I have also grown to greatly appreciate Soft Rock music.
Favorite soda is ‘Fanta Blackurant’.

Why I began this blog?
First is to try and identify exactly what kind of content I could write with ease. Each article, therefore is based on its title; purely. Ranging from politics to poetry;Lifestyle to religion; popular culture to misconceptions based purely on my opinions…You’re sure to experience a very uncomfortable ride right here!

Be sure to help me identify where I score best; in the meantime, seat back; relax and scroll along!

I shall update more when I recall.


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