The Little Yellow Dress (Part 1)

yellowThe day was dull. Dusk approached fast. Time decided to engage the high gear. Friday was fast wearing away, ushering in a cold and wet Saturday morning embodying all the characteristics of the day before. Affysir had just left the the comfort of Links Place. The depth of his pockets that night would not allow him to stray beyond the Cabanas bypass to the right or the Donholm roundabout for that matter. Every other option was open and worthy of consideration. And on top of that list was Links Place. The sinister yet charming joint that never sleeps, never disappoints and above all, never ceases to amaze!

Having arrived here at a few minutes past midnigt, only amateurs begin downstairs then carry with them the intoxicants in their systems a couple of steps upstairs. Not Affysir, He is a master of this game. Of course, only second to his protege and great buddy, Anasa. The nights always commence at Captains. Here, after a couple of shots and unsuccessful bouts of ‘feeding with eyes’, the hunt is taken downstairs. And here, Anasa is the man! The real deal. His fame here is second only to the title Links Place itself!

Affysir chose to bench Anasa this time around. There come a time when the student has to take the initiative and sit for the final examinations without the prospect of an impending revision. Or was this just one among a series of CATs? All the same, today was Affysir day. And Links just happened to be the den set to test whether the boy had matured into the man.

The bouncers at the door looked at him suspiciously.

“What? Do they think am doing this for the first time?” he mumbled to himself fixing his medium gait in the space left between the two mean looking faces.

“Aah! This is getting interesting!” he thought, spotting a stunning lady at a table on the outer extension of the club. Without a second thought, he tried his luck.

“Hey lovely, can I join you?”

“Am sorry, am here with someone” she responded. That was a much better response than a flat out NO to Affysir. He had reason to be optimistic. The night had just began.

“Oh, sawa, good evening” he managed, grinning respectfully and readjusting his gaze to the sea of humanity milling about the main lounge of the club.

Seated to his left were a few light-skins nibbling at a bottle of Black Ice, obviously hoping for a willing donation of a couple more bottles from an interested companion. Affysir was in no hurry, the evening was still young! To his right was a group of seven crammed around a table meant for four. The center of their convergence was a mixed selection of drinks from a couple of whiskey bottles paramountly occupying the central location of the table to several brands of beer carefully stacked facing their guilty consumers.

Everything else seemed the usual Links Place. The mystery of its attraction to revelers from far and wide hovering about.And of course he had memories of the place too, both good and not so good. The first time he raved at the club, he was lucky enough to land a nice looking lady who just couldn’t wait to get down to business. That always kept him coming back to this low budget easy-to-get-laid hangout.

Then of course the not-so-good memory of when his great friend Anasa had hooked a lovely madam. A bosslady who insisted on buying her own drinks. The narrative changed when upon getting home, the last thing he recalled was gobbling down a couple of eggs. The ‘bosslady’ managed to clean him out of a few valuables including his newly acquired phone, shit in his bathroom and leaving her mess unflashed and the shocker of shockers, make away with all his house shopping, mostly foodstuff. Later on when Anasa told the tale to Affysir, he couldn’t stop the laughter that threatened to pop out his eyeballs! He would not make the same mistake. He was Affysir, or so he told himself.

Having finally managed to land a seat at the exact same place he fancies, he lifted his weight to the ‘sina tabu‘ (long legged bar stool) and ordered 3 bottles of warm Guinness. The first sip of his favorite poison reminded him of his agenda here, getting laid! And he had just spotted the right target.


Watch out for part 2 coming soon!


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