The Shades of Love


The potent 4 lettered word
Yet still attractive to the attentive
Enough to get heads rolling
And minds boggling

When sincere, it is a joy
When shared it nurtures hope
Belief that we are valued
We are appreciated
And that someone understands

When feigned, love hurts
It is exploitative and manipulative
It shatters dreams and disrupts futures
It is a double-edged sword
That just won’t stop cutting

No one really gets it
Not even they that have it
No formula is consistent
No approach is certain
Love is mysterious

Experts say,
Guard your feelings
True love waits…
Yet others have lost
Just because they held their horses!

Others say,
There is love at first sight
And that tomorrow never comes
Yet in seeming so eager
They appeared so desperate

There is never the way
The one true way
There are shades of love
You get what you can have
And if you do, count yourself lucky!

Ooko Victor


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