Memoirs of A Finalist by Vincent Weke


I swear I heard the chic behind me whisper Prince-loo during our final paper of project planning and evaluation. She was definitely planning a project; one which upon evaluation will definitely yield a net present value of F from our lecturer.This Prince-loo guy must have got wind of guys finishing campus and decided to put Nax Vegas to a standstill.
When darkness fell is when you knew the prince was in town with the princess all made up trying to impress for the ceremony. The frenzy was all over and it was an opportunity for some to get some freak on for the last campus experience.
After working that hard for 4 years we had to go out too that weekend, the town was so packed that they had to raise the age limit for clubbing to 27 years. There I was my 24 year old self feeling sorry for myself in front of the bouncer while they allowed other chicks way younger than me in. We definitely had a plan B and no bouncer would ruin the night for us.
The streets were crazy it was like a night in the museum, animal print tights were everywhere which you miss the zoo. I am pretty certain I saw the G8 flag line up on the dance floor with hair color in rainbow formation. A Nikki Minaj wannabe almost nailed it until I saw her from behind. This is one of the days I regretted not wearing my glasses.

Close to yoga that the classy and pretty Janelle in her suit would definitely be disappointed. The dirty Diana’s were the fierce members of the cat family that a cat fight was almost inevitable.
2 minutes later and my words became flesh and later into bloodshed. When men fight they fight with blood and iron but when women fight they fight with blood and makeup. They were fighting over a guy or something like on the Jerry Springer shows. With her sharp claws she pilled off her face mask of makeup making her vulnerable to her natural look and immediately chopped off her alien hair. She may have weathered the strong punches on the face if the bouncers came 5 minute earlier. I had never seen a mixture of blood and make up until that day.
This is the point I came to appreciate my sociology classes in understanding group dynamics. We had seen our fair share of drama got our spot and partied the night away.
A day later I was on transit headed home to remind my old man what I have been doing in school for 4 years,am in one peace,healthy and haven’t gotten any girl pregnant. It was more than just going home but I need a place of rest and calmness for strategy to get ready to run the streets since the game of life was officially on.
I knew if I play my cards right am going to be alright cause life if full of tricks I alluding to 2 Pac whose spirits still lives in Kendric Lamar.
I finally told my dad am a socio-economist and CPA K.lets wait and see if that will bring in the money.
What happened to you writing? He asked
Am the wind-word blogger upcoming version of Biko Zulu .words are already on the streets and sooner or later he will get wind of my existence and blog about it.
Mathe on the other hand couldn’t stop complaining of how skinny I was and almost threaten we go for an HIV test.i was the only one allowed to eat at anytime of the day in that house..On a serious note I really needed to gain some wait.
Streets smarts and book smarts who believe on their instincts are still struggling to crack the code,who am not to cling onto Christ.Church was awesome it was for reconciliations, repentance and thanksgiving for the 4 years.The church was however put on a 15 minutes lock down.The man of God could not understand why some members of the congregation would understate their return to God to a mere 50 bob instead of the 10% rule. This was equivalent to defrauding God and they had to be reminded of the penalties.Those who had swallowed 500 times more over the weekend took advantage of the 5 minutes waiver before the final prayers and immediately i-tithed their returns to the church account.

The week would not end without me devolving myself to Kendu Bay in Homa Bay county to keep in touch with my roots. That’s a lie, all I wanted was shosho to cast the grandma spell on nyakware (her grandson)and eliminate and shadow of doubt from future employers.though old and on a wheel chair, her voice was sleek clean like that of a little girl and I swear I could feel blessing trickling down on me as she prayed.
Jakarachuonyo now feels blessed and is all set for the serious paper chase.
This is not just a story but something you can relate to we all need some kind of a plan which works best for us and keep us on toes or else we will slowly fade away. Aggression is key, so do your thing and don’t be comfortable you will be surprised.
Sharing is awesome.
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