The Loss of the Beloved


Death is cruel,
And life a big fat joke
Today you’re here,
Alive and well
Yet tomorrow finds you gone
Reaped away from your beloved

Waking up to each day,
With plans set in place
Oblivious of the next second,
minute or hour
Is our nature as humanity,
Our weakness as God’s creation

Seeing our friends leave,
never to come back
Is the price we pay
For loving them,
The cost of relying on them
And celebrating their existence

Today, like yesterday
Another one of us is gone
Today, like any other day
We are reminded of our mortality
Our limited time
In this life we take for granted

We choose to say thank you
For the moments we shared
We choose the silver lining
The hope and enthusiasm,
The humility and commitment
You taught us to always have.

And as we lay you to rest
Believing that you’re headed
To that better place
Our hearts are heavy
Our eyes teary,
But our hearts stronger.

Rest in Peace Kennedy


Ooko Victor.


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