He is Not Alejandro

He is What you've got.

He is What you’ve got.

He’s not Alejandro
He’s just but a regular guy
With a regular heart.
That fault-full guy
Whose closest brush with satisfaction
Was when you gave him your time
One his dime could not afford.

He’s not Alejandro
His eyes are always bloodshot
Even before he thinks of the tot.
Blue-hazel eyes to him
Belong to the aliens of yonder.
In his presence
Your daydreams no longer suffice.

He’s not Alejandro
In that muscular figure you fantasize
His protruding belly
A definite turn off
And his raspy voice,
A contrast to the melodious baritone
You swore you would seek to eternity!

He is not Alejandro
His pockets sewn shallow
And since expensive is an expense
Count him out
Unless you pay the bills
And let him carry the change
Just so no one robs you.

He’s not Alejandro
Tall dark and Handsome.
A genius to father with you
The little perfection babies.
Not at all
He’s just another guy
Who wants a regular girl.

A random guy
With big dreams and unending effort
With crazy in-laws
And a zero-rated background.
His key investment
Is his brains and determination.
And of course, You.

He’s not Alejandro
his speech thick in accent
Yet he truly loves to speak.
To share his thoughts and views
His beliefs and perspectives
To all who choose to care
And that includes you.

Yet it doesn’t take Alejandro;
to truly fall in love
It takes the both of you.
Your mistakes and imperfections
Your consistency and fidelity
And above all, the desire
To make that love about you.

Ooko Victor.


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