My Blogging Experience-The Second Anniversary

I still can’t believe that it has been two years since I started blogging! Well, it is and I must admit, time flies! In that period,I may have developed a mustache here or a goatee there though I try my best to keep it trimmed…just as much as I try to keep my ego in check. It however won’t hurt for me to say am proud of myself.

Blogging requires patience, resilience and everything else that comes with attracting positive mantras necessary to keep you spirits high and your egos intact. Blogging also requires a keen eye. Others call it the third eye. You should be able to look at your friend and not just see Victor or Millie or Koyo or even Fatma. Rather, you should be able to spot your friend’s characters, mannerisms, unique qualities as well as all other non-physical traits.

Apart from that, you should be keen on your environment, bring it out with utmost clarity. Get into the shoes of your readers, laugh at your own jokes, be your number one audience. Blogging is about taking a paintbrush and facing a plain-white painting board. Then having the creativity to bring out the best possible image you can of either the reality you know, the ideal you foresee or the anomaly you need rewritten.

My experience has seen me grow learning this art. It has seen me project my feelings and emotions. It has seen me live off the tip of my pen. And I must say I honestly love the way it feels. The challenge it keeps pushing my way; as well as the challenge it poses out there. Society is the target audience. Society needs a mirror from which it can see itself and rectify its ways. Through writing, this mirror only becomes clearer. The image unmistakeable.And the need for reform impeccable!

It is okay to be a misfit, if you withdraw to yourself to get time to write. Who knows! Maybe you are the person speaking the loudest in your silence. They say an image speaks a thousand words; what they do not say is that the standard measure, being words is best relayed written. When it is written it’s definite. It doesn’t need the pains of memory. It can be referenced and shared. And it will definitely stand the test of time.

My message, to all new writers out there, write out of passion and not greed. Write out of desire to speak. Write out of desire to inform. Write, write, write. Just keep on writing.

All the best in your experience. mine will just keep on growing.

Ooko Victor.


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