Simple Talk Wont Fight Corruption, Actions Will.


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State of the Nation address was an early Easter’s gift to the ears of many Kenyans. Citizens who work hard toiling and eating from their sweat. Kenyans, most of whom are overworked and underpaid, yet are still swindled by the political bigwigs who understand little, what it means to pay taxes. People, who under the guise of Waheshimiwa set their own perks in their own terms. People we elect into office in the name of servicemen and women.

Yet close to 24 hours since the address, none in Government has stepped aside! The corrupt persons, or those linked to corruption charges know what is coming their way. They choose to stick it up in office! Typical Kenyan style! Close to 24 hours since the head of state addressed the nation and issued ultimatums, no heads have rolled; nor at least tilted. As the clock ticks, the hours mount. Another weekend as a Cabinet Secretary, a head of a Parastatal or any other capacity as a civil servant is a disgrace to the presidency, the constitution and the citizens of this great republic.

The contents of the report by the Ethics and Anti corruption Commission is damning. The move to publish and forward it to parliament is bold and patriotic. Yet that is hardly enough without actions to complement it. Ms Ngilu is well aware of the allegations leveled against her. She understands the best course of action, not for herself, but for this country. She knows she needs to go. And so does the other four cabinet secretaries aware that the public is keenly watching. The game is the same, let’s hope the rules have changed.

If president Kenyatta’s move is nothing but a mockery of the public, a cheap stunt at hoodwinking the public that the government is tough on corruption, the history will judge him. If the jubilee administration sweeps all the damning allegations against it’s top officials and hope that it will still be business as usual, then they are mistaken. Action needs to be taken to cement the place of government in the hearts of the public; and especially with the elections less than 24 months away. This could just be a make or break kinda scenario. The kind of strategy that leaves the opposition flat footed! And president Kenyatta knows he will be naive to let it pass.

As the nation awaits and the pressure mounts, it is my hope that the various political parties will take a cue from the president’s speech and request their MPs to step aside pending allegations on corruption leveled against them. Former premier, Raila Odinga should have led from the front like yesterday! And better still, why should we have corrupt parliamentarians deciding the fate of their corrupt friends? Will they too have excused themselves from parliament by Monday to pave way to credible deliberations on the matter?

With eyes and ears open for any breaking news, I choose to pen off.

Ooko Victor.



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