The Broken Rose


It is not everyday
You meet an angel
Bright like the light of day;
A lady of rare mettle
And feel yourself belong

It is not everyday
You pour your heart out
And will hope
On every word you speak
As a fisherman wills his net

Yet this time comes
The chance passes
And the hope fails you;
Not once or twice
but again and again and again

They for whom you couldn’t sleep
And even thought
You would not breathe
Fall short
Of every ideal you hold dear

She for whom
you visualized perfection
Embodies shades darker than gray
And quizzes you mastery
Of character

Character makes a person
Yet elusive it can be
When sought at first sight;
That rose as fair and beautiful
Could just as well be broken

The very broken pieces
that now cast an image
Of calm and composure
Hope and desire;
The need to be appreciated

Yet from hope
Comes even more hope
From desire
A foundation of consistency;
To go and keep on going

From hope
Comes desperation
And the difficult choice
To either stay or let go
Of the rose broken yet full of promise

Ooko Victor.


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