The Lone Gem


In the dark of the night
I bumped into this treasure
Twinkling, it seemed
Yet the spark was slowly dying inside

Like him in a shining armour
I picked my quest
And wiped away the dirt
That stiffled her twinkly rays

She looked on in appreciation
Relief registering
On every corner
Of her curveseous frame

So lucky was I
For choosing to walk
When I had the option to run
For without the patience at heart
I would never have had her

Precious Gem,
The loveliest I’ve had
Give me the chance
To polish your coat

Give me the chance
To enhance your radiance
Beyond your wildest thoughts
For I want to shine with you

Basking in the beauty of your reflection
And taking every day ahead
With the satisfaction of having you
Just like the abundance abound the stars

From a plain in Israel
Came you in completion
Lighting up my dull bosom
Giving me reason to smile

I want to keep smiling
This day,
I need you to stay

Keep me going and growing
In the majesty that is your character.
Let me share the smear
Of a preciously genuine Gem.

Ooko Victor.


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