The #TalkBack Generation- A Parenting Failure


The African child is brought up to ‘Honor their fathers and mothers’. This by extension implied anyone old enough to be your parents. Well, not anymore! There has been an apparent shift of ground in Africa. You speak to your son or daughter and be guaranteed that they will speak back; without batting an eyelid!

Listening to today’s Kiss FM, the topic of discussion was this certain change in the flow of communication from the young to their elders. It was a great sign of disrespect for a child to maintain eye contact while addressing their parents or even speak up in response to angry rants by their elders. Children were taught to first of all look down as if bowing their heads as a sign of respect then keep their verbal emotional out-pours to themselves. This, the elders would acknowledge as the traits of an obedient child.

Today, all this has suddenly gone down the drain. The ‘margarine’ generation (from the practice of eating buttered bread) as the young of today are known define respect in their own terms. It is no longer surprising for you to send a kid on an errand only for him to stand his ground, look you straight in the eye and tell you that he is busy! What’s worse, they compare experiences with their peers reiterating the fact that they never receive beatings from their parents no matter the offence committed!

The situation is the same in schools. Whereas we used to be flogged like nobody’s business when found in a simple nefarious, the generation Y of today have none of that. Their parents will be the first in school upon receiving information that a particular teacher ‘touched’ their child! Tutors are therefore reduced to by standers in a profession requiring their complete responsibility! Would you dare go against a generation of parents that would fleece you of your last time in endless court battles and for what? A child for whom you mean well and desire to ensure they excel?

It is true that the media has had a profound influence in the parent-child relationship in the past few years. The television programs available contain great western influences that to a greater extent, when inculcated in to  these young minds, they find highly appealing and therefore worthy of adoption. Behavior is however cultivated over time and will grow depending on how accommodating the environment around it is. It is therefore pertinent that the parents develop a keener eye on their young. It is okay to hire nannies to help out occasionally, but the nannies should never be allowed to replace the actual parents entirely.

Your child is your responsibility; Take care of it.


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