He Was, He’s Not.


With the perfect aura he comes
Charm fine-tuned at the mirror
The epitome of all gentleness
A text book version of a gentleman

His speech is calculated
Punctuated with vivid promise
Where listening feels like fishing
Only, the produce is in abundance!

His words invite laughter
Giggles that crave for attention
He mesmerizes many
And more wish he was for keeps

His goal is simple
The gambler always knows
And goes for the highest prize
Knowing what to keep

The awarded feel elated
The envy of the have-nots
The future can only get brighter
With a perfect man at her side

And yes he is caring!
His touch smoother than his words
Talk of the future dominate his pillow chats
Anything to get the cat out!

The cat that invokes re-awakening
He made a mistake, he will say
That mistake was you
An error deserving an erasure

Like a chameleon
His gentle act withers
What faces you is a beast
One beast with a hefty mission

All that glitters is not a lifeline
If He was, he’s not
Pack up before he packs you up
Fresh pastures are always inviting


4 thoughts on “He Was, He’s Not.

  1. This is so beautiful. I wonder if it would be possible for it to be genderless, though. I say this in spirit of conversations I’ve been having with friends lately about how society always portrays women as the victims and the wronged, when in fact men can often go through very similar experiences. Just a thought. Love your writing 🙂


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