Why you Should Forgive Someone Today

Forgiveness Always goes a long way to ease man’s psychological burden

The Shrinks' Blog

I once had this friend; we were so close. We would wake up to text each other, and call to share our daily experiences. He was the shoulder I leaned on whenever I felt lost and dejected. We would compare experiences and even encourage each other in times of great difficulty. In my mind, he was among the greatest friends I have ever had. Is that not what friends are for? To be there and support each other throughout our moments of joys and suffering? To be there to celebrate with you when you land your first job and still inspire you when you lose it? To share with you the fun around family in days of fair weather as well as the grief I times of a storm? Well, such was our relationship. I called him brother.

One day, this close friend lied to me. He deceived me in…

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