Life Comes With A Manual.

Life Indeed Comes With A Manual! Choices as well as consequences that others have undergone and creatively mapped out for us the ideal path towards either sucess or failure.

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The Shrinks' Blog

One of the oldest ever clichés I have had to encounter says that ‘life does not come with a manual’. Today however, this is hardly the same. Man in his shrewd abilities has over time continued to author and test the ideal manual for every human being at whatever circumstances one finds himself in. There are publications that seek to present to us an ideal way to live our lives. There are publications and advises of parenting, running effective businesses, becoming the ultimate leader or even boosting one health to live a longer life and relating to and identifying with the deity. All these serve as manuals to direct and regulate our day to day interactions.

There are rules that bear consequences. There are experiences chilling enough and at times warm enough to pass as just occurrences of a particular lifetime. All these norms and cultural provisions have served as…

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