Yvonne; A love Letter.

I will never forget how we met
And worst yet,
How we parted ways.
The lady that challenged me to go the extra mile
even when it meant no smile.

Yvonne made me work at becoming a better me.
An oasis in the desert.
I will forever remember
how you brought the playful side of me.
A trait I never thought existed within me.

I now smile frequently
since you turned my frown upside down.
I love my life.
I love me.
I am looking at life differently
from the way I used to
before you came into my life.

Doors and windows that I never thought would open
are ajar awaiting my entrance.
My self confidence now matches yours
and your desirable down to earth attributes; a life lesson.

my nest in the stormiest of weathers,
My heartbeat, my every desire.
You are my sense of pride.
I brag of you at heart and with my friends.
My heart broke when your heart stopped beating.
It broke when nothing medicine could keep you longer.
Your pain is now gone, but so are you…

Walk with no rush to the other side, Yvonne;
Let peace take you there as I sing your resting hymn.

I am alone now but you taught me well.
Much more than I could have learnt by myself.

This is my love letter to you,
A message to let you know I am well.
Worry not Yvonne; but hurry on home and rest
for you did complete your race with me.

When I will get to the finish line,
I will think of you and your lessons.

Forever and infinity…Always in my heart.

Linda Jane


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