The Stray Kiss.


It takes a kiss
To ignite a moment of bliss
And allay all fears
That lead to shedding of tears
Creating a feeble sense of security
A desperate form of surety
A temporary reprieve

That was back then
Before I set out to pen
The frustrations abound
The immense shift of ground
That sees us at opposites
Where we once stood as exquisites
A couple they all wanted to be

Time has flown fast
Yet it it seems an outright ghast
That the thought of you
The one I swore I knew
All merry and laughter
In the concealed arms of another
Locked in that passionate kiss

The kiss I thought was mine
Ours, a form of divine
Sacred and bound to eternity;
A future that defied probability
Is all we have today
A memory that night and day
Will haunt my desire to trust

That words calm a troubled soul
Is beyond any wild call
Yet yours could not restore
The hurt your acts had bore
The pictures forever engraved
In my mind until bereaved;
A lifelong burden I have to carry

To carry and be wary
Is the motto I chose to marry
To trust with caution
Suspicious of any notion
That may send me back in time
When I valued you to my last dime
A tale so sad to relive

As I seek to pen off
And resolve the apparent standoff
Recounting and recanting
The curses and urges of retaliating
My hope is ripe again
That beyond the past I will gain
The one I trust with ease

The one that will see me heal
And finally put in the bin
The memories of that stray Kiss.

Ooko Victor.

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