What Makes Men Dogs…

A Dog
Men have for long been the recipients of blame when relationships go south. Even when some of the problems arise out of an individuals state of the mind in a particular context and not necessarily relating to their sex. All men are Dogs has been the expression that makes sense to our female counterparts. I tend to believe that no problem arises without motivation.And apart from some which may only be logically explained by insanity if not temporary insanity;most others are motivated by women. Let us take cheating for instance.

No man in a happy,stable relationship cheats.Unless of course there are underlying issues.A man who feels cornered in a marriage or a relationship will seek an outlet.He is bound to get the satisfaction from other familiar quarters. A man who does not feel adequately in charge of his own home will also seek an alternative partner who responds to his testosterone the way he deems fit. Marriage is 50-50.That is the ideal,however, on the ground;in the home, the man is more secure when calling the shots. Not the unilateral dictatorial manner, but more like,his say is of more weight in a family or relationship situation.

An in the office affair sprouts after a fight at home.It grows when the root problems are not weeded out.And blossoms when the parties concerned decide to ride in their sexual urges and short term desires.Here again,it is the man who very well knows he is married and the woman who knows that this is another woman’s man.Snatching has always been fun while growing up.Snatching a partner tends to provide a winning mentality and temporary ‘domineering’ satisfaction.Here, it is not only the man in blame.

Another scenario is the so called ‘womanizers’.Women, I understand have learnt to warn each other to beware of ‘smooth operators’ for they are usually potential womanizers. More often than not, in pursuit of a more experienced lover and hence a satisfying sex life,womanizers have come in handy.The women who do it,for their various reasons whether to get back at their cheating spouses or to sample out a different partner are guilty of manipulation.the same ‘evil’ that earn men the ‘Dogs’ tag.

It may be true that men are mentally polygamous. Most men like multiple women for partners.most men will at one particular time have an intimate relationship with more than one woman.A natural predator kinda instinct. the same way that most women expect to be sought out.to be ‘hunted’ by men and be coaxed into a relationship or marriage.A predator-prey affair.Predators seek variety.And men are obviously sampling the for the best.The quote,”You have to kiss a thousand frogs to finally get to your prince charming” adequately summarizes the fact that men are not the only the lonely hunters.Women too ply this trade.yet we always point fingers to the dominant sex?

Women are their own worst enemies. They would very easily cheat with their sisters’ or their female friends’ husbands whenever the opportunity presented itself.This as such because of the extent women go to paint their homes as the perfect homes ever and their husbands as the most experienced,most satisfying pair of hands in bed.Who doesn’t want to buy well hawked goods at the slightest possible chance? The same applies to a sex starved human being.

Yeah, men may act like dogs; but are you sure you didn’t participate in giving the dog a bone?

Ooko Victor


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