The Sounds of Life


The Chirping bird
On the feeble twig
Take a moment
And listen around
The cries and shrieks
The hums and guggles
The bubbling waters
And fading noises
Just reaching the ears

How beautiful they are
Much more than
The sweet melodies
Your sweet tune alludes
The Sounds of Life
From within and around

Without the grumbles
And the rumbles
Then something would be
Away and out of place
A world of elsewhere
So dull and silent
Devoid of buzzes,
Of purrs and hisses,
An aftermath I dread

Who would see this balance
That gives me sanity
And renders them of insanity
Exist as a vacuum
To torture the nature
As we see it today?

That these whistles and giggles
A manifest of our emotions
So strange at times
Yet always sincere
Would be torn and rendered void?

These sounds of life
Keep hearts beating
And days bearable
From the pain and desperation
Of silence and uncertainty
A free yet perfect jail
Free from physical barriers
Yet effective and able enough
To cage conscience and imagination

Chirp on lovely bird
Sing your hearts joys and flaws
To many it is all the same
A creation of every reception
A sound-full life.

Ooko Victor.

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2 thoughts on “The Sounds of Life

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