Enter the Socialite – A Misconception.


I caught up with an old classmate. Well, not really the physical kind of catching up, rather we interacted via Whatsapp. She’s changed completely since the last time we met which was in our local neighborhood close to 3 years ago. She called it Campus Life. It changed her and made her ‘a better self’.

Nikki was this very reserved girl. Polite and easy to like. She wasn’t very bright in class. More like a below average student. Her family a rather modest one. Not so rich just like mine. She was the firstborn in a family of 3 children. We grew up in the same neighborhood. A couple of blocks apart. Though we weren’t really friends. Very common with growing kids.We however saw each other grow. Went to different schools; then the same school then to different schools again. Every time, this childhood neighborhood brought us together. Always acting as that point of reference. Here,claws were hidden and desires suppressed. Not anymore.

Nikki is now in Campus. She no longer subscribes to this childhood town. She calls it too small for her kind. She’s now a socialite. A big girl who left naivety behind as did her childhood memories. She is all grown up. More aware of her body and the emotions she can evoke. More aware of just how much she is endowed with. Her bust so full and attractive. The type that would completely distract a virtuous man enough to trip over. Her behind, another matter altogether. At a time when a huge ass makes ladies famous in Kenya. Her discovery of hers, and the potential it carries was worth much more than she could ever have imagined. Today, she flaunts it for all to see. She’s fascinated with her own ass! Gross? Sorry I make it sound so. Or maybe it really is gross! She simply doesn’t care.

I feigned my surprise at just how much she had changed. She bought it. Played along just fine. She wants to be famous. Vera Sidika is famous. According to her, however, her ass is plastic. She became famous under false pretext. (Really? We’re talking ass right now? With my shy, naive childhood friend?) It felt so gross to be true. But I was a good audience. I gave the attention she so much craved for. Shy children grow up avoiding attention. She must have been so deeply devoid of any to crave this much from me. She even sent me the photos. Imagine, 5 minutes of catching up and I already have ass photos of Nikki? Wow! I still couldn’t believe it happened that fast. Courting attention is an art of power. And for a formerly reserved and laid back girl, she had learned the ropes really fast.

It is now two hours since we started chatting. An hour and fifty five minutes since our last chat. I still don’t understand the motivation behind flaunting one’s body. Men will only view you as an object of sex! Believe you me, I have been down that road. You may send a different signal but that’d the message we get. To say the truth, few men really take you seriously. But your antics, that we take seriously. We exploit to the best of our ability. Then, we commit to others who are not really after being socialites at whatever cost. Those, we keep and we commit.

I only hope that one day Nikki will see this piece. Talking her out of it would not have been convincing enough. Or maybe, I would have changed my mind and began prowling on her. Plus, what’s the fun of it if I don’t share some interesting happenings in my life with my audience?

Ooko Victor.

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6 thoughts on “Enter the Socialite – A Misconception.

  1. 2 years later, and this article still makes sense,
    Ladies still doing the same, And men still seeing the same and wanting the same.
    Now, even more than 2 years ago.

    It’s a piece whose truth still hold, a truth depicting the exact picture of our society. A sad picture!!


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