Shut it Up Caroline Mutoko

mutokoHaving just read the Facebook post by Caroline for those of you who haven’t gone through it yet,I find it hard to resist the urge to respond.First on my behalf, then on the behalf of every single Comrade who took to the streets on Tuesday to rally behind the Kenya Universities Students Organisation KUSO under the leadership of Babu Owino.

I will begin by saying categorically that I do not support hooliganism as well as individuals who take advantage of demonstrations to destroy and loot the property of other hardworking Kenyans.As a student leader,I still think that that caliber of students need to mature.I however take offence with Mutoko for insinuating that we students are at the beck and call of politicians living comfortable lives.And if at all we are then Tuesday was never about any politicians.It was about University students who expect the government who in adopting to the changing times and circumstances still find ways to accommodate the fact that we have less fortunate students who may be unable to keep up.

Whereas you Caroline relied on your parents to pay your fees, we have a great deal of students who weren’t as lucky!They too however are also winners.They are there in the form of your colleagues,bosses or even working under you.They got jobs with others creating jobs.They are still winners.They who relied on HELB to fund their education are still winners!And today,just like them yesterday,we ask to be given the chance.We call for affordable education at the tertiary level.If not, then we ask for loans to fund our education and maintaining our upkeep with the hope of one day living decent lives and even providing for others.Furthermore,isn’t it the role of government to ensure the provision of the said services?

The constitution provides for the right to demonstrate.You think we are stupid for exercising that?Well,you are lucky to have a radio station complete with 4 uninterrupted hours at your disposal where you can blurt out anything you think is unjust without having to pay for it.You have a history of playing into the hearts of your sympathizers even when it is apparent that you are the one with mud on your nose.This therefore comes as no surprise.Or is it just fuel prices and bloated wage bill that are worth complaining again?Well,more immediate for us now is Tuition Fees.

It is true that Degrees hold individual names,then again who doesn’t know that? We rally behind a cause we believe in.Just as you do because it is an advert and it is your job to do it.Claiming self righteousness because of your opinionated nature and antics doesn’t fool everyone.

We shall still get our degrees and succeed in life in our own terms.I will still be a living proof that whenever I am pressed against the wall,I can rally the support of friends and other affected colleagues and marshal enough effort to overcome the obstacle. So help me God.

Ooko Victor.


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