Against the Grain-What Keeps me going

Today is Thursday,two days after the nationwide university demonstrations called by the Kenya Universities Students Organisation(KUSO) aimed at expressing the dissatisfaction of comrades with the impending fee increment. A demonstration I promised myself that I could not miss.If I did, I would not be myself.How can I be myself?I pay my own university fees and I know where it pinches! Having been an orphan since age 5,I kinda learnt to look out for myself.And in the process,look out for others like me who may not be as daring.

I am currently serving my 7th month of suspension from the varsity.Reasons? 1.Inciting student to violence and malicious destruction of property. 2.Organizing and Participating in an illegal demonstration.That is for the record. In personal terms the reasons are much more petty.Anything to ensure I am out of the way and not around to raise the hard questions and seek the difficult answers.I kinda got accustomed to this.Furthermore,I expect more of it to come up in the future.

From a baseless background rises the will strong and ridiculous enough to expect walls to give way.Such is my will when I think that whatever I pursue is just and right.All setbacks and obstacles only seek to strengthen the cause.The more final the hurdle seems, the stronger the urge to keep going.I rarely know when to stop.But I pause when the need is there to rest and seek an alternative way to achieve the objective.To breathe some fresh air and with it fresh ideas.

I currently don’t know the fate that awaits me. It could be an expulsion for everything I know.I hope not.As a diligent student, I understand that my studies are as important if I am to realize my life’s goals.I would not want to jeopardize that.And therefore, I keep hoping that the stakeholders would see right through this and make my work easier.Rectify what needs to be rectified.To for once own u and do things right.

Don’t mistake me for a trouble maker.I have in me a peaceful soul.Especially when the threat of being trampled on is far from thought.Who wants to be treated as an afterthought?I am loud about my response hence the difference between us.My belief,what drives me is that at some point,everyone should play their role and stop meddling in the other’s.That no one would wait to be pushed to do what i rightfully necessary.And that in embracing responsibility,then everyone in authority would seek to accommodate as many people as possible while at the same time making the other few feel that they have their say.

That is what I call tolerance.Without it then the world would be a lifeless mass of dust already!Am just glad that it already isn’t and that conflict is treated with the maturity it deserves.A little carelessness here and there but by and large playing not far away from the rules.That is what keeps me going every single day and another.It will make sense to a few and my hope is that it will matter.

Ooko Victor.


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