Excuse Me Professor

th (1)Excuse me Professor
Spare me the vocabulary
We’re past class hours
Why the after-class summons?
Did I really have to come alone?
Should I call another course mate?

Tell me Mr. Professor
Why I have to be here
When others are away
Why your work desk is empty
Yet performance was to be the subject
The reason for my summon

Am lost in confusion
Why you ask for my number
And remind me of your pen’s power
Whenever I raise my suspicions

Why is it Sir?
That despite having classreps
I have to be your link
Your pet as they call me?
The devil’s own advocate
Even though I hold reservations?

You say I look pretty
Mature and attractive
How is any of that academic?
Tell me Mr. Professor
Make me understand
Why you want to destroy
All the good you say I hold
Why you won’t help me grow
And get to where you are

You look away
Every time I question you
You tell me to understand
That you want me so much
That with you is everything
My broke boyfriend won’t provide
Yet you’re now a dad
Almost a grand dad?
And this is how you treat me?

Where is the wisdom Mr. Professor?
Is all this knowledge in vain?
All the years you spent in class
In the library
And in between books?

I shall be fine
If I trust in the Lord
Virtue, they say always reigns
Above all favors transmitted
That erode a person’s dignity
The chosen right of innocence

Excuse my manners Professor
Just as I excuse yours
Maybe it’s too much reading
Or not enough understanding?
Between the former and the latter
Is just me, another student
Who is only here to learn.

Ooko Victor.


3 thoughts on “Excuse Me Professor

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  2. this couldn’t have been sad in a better way. No better words would have described this whole scene with such Precision as this did.


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