The Phone Call


It’s now eight hours
Since I sent her flowers
To say am sorry
And she needs not worry
Now the day drifts away
Leaving me cursing and gray

Another day, another apology
I know at times I get edgy
And the promises seem empty
The price I pay, so hefty
Trust me when I say
That I am yours come what may

Grant me my love
This only favor my dove
Set me free
From this lonely spree
Pull me up to stand tall
With that magical phone call

Save me sweet heart
This misery that keeps me hurt
Guide me through
The morning dew
Make our virtual paradise
A constant sunrise!

A sunrise that never will never set
Not even when we get upset
When we hurl objects
At each others project
And shout out obscenities
To the neighbors perplexities!

Make that phone call
For am unable to press ‘Call’
And let that sweet voice
That I claimed make much noise
Shatter my weakened defenses
Bring back my dodgy senses

Ooko Victor

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