Last Night…


Last Night
As I lay in your arms
I could hear my heart beat
I could hear you breathe
While very deep in your sleep

How peaceful it seemed
The look in your face
Calm and innocent
Devoid of all blame
A pleasant smile well splashed
Across your face!

Last night
As I stared on
And began to wonder
What your unconscious world
Looked like
Whether in it
I actually existed

And the smile on you
Was it really for me
Or another with you
In that far virtual world?


I consoled myself
And promised my soul
That unbothered I would stay
For your sake and mine
And the future
You always say to me

Last night
I watched it all fly away
As you turned in bed
And sweetly called Imma
Not to leave the bed yet

Only it is me you held
Where I always was, next to you
As you mumbled my best friends name
And rendered my tears dry

Last night
I finally got the courage
To wake up and leave
With the hope of a future
In which you didn’t exist

A future I feared for
Groping in it without you assurance
Forcing myself to let go of you
And all we ever had!

For indeed you pierced me
With the double-edged sword
Losing you and my best friend
For my tomorrow is full
And you two no longer wanted

Last night
Was the dream that I woke up from
Knowing all too well
That cautious I should be
With both friend and foe alike
And the guarantee that today,
This night; would be different.

Ooko Victor


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