Who Wanted Makaburi Dead?


It is now common knowledge that the outspoken controversial Muslim cleric Sheikh Abubakar Shariff alias Muhammed Makaburi is dead. Shot by what they police refer as unknown assailants on foot. Assailants who disguised themselves in plain sight and were confident enough to shoot at close range and just walk away, freely as though nothing had happened! Bold, right? Well, it happened, and now the coastal city is tense. The situation volatile with the possibility of violence erupting any moment highly imminent. The question that lingers in my mind however is ; Who Wanted Makaburi Dead?

Muhammed Makaburi was according to many people a walking bull’s eye. Ever since he appeared on national tv to openly support the Alshabaab activities within the country, he was a marked man. From Mohamed Ali of KTN to Dennis Okari of NTV, he drew all guns his way. Makaburi was the kind of person who loved controversies. He thrived in the feeling of immortality and his belief that he would one day die a Shahadaa (martyr). Such comments one can argue, played on national TV in a country desperate to prove its foothold on the insecurity menace currently a major pain in the ass was simply intolerable!
Four sets of enemies therefore are key suspects;

a) Government.
It is obvious that the government considered Makaburi an obvious threat that needed extermination. The only other problem was that a great deal of citizens were also in the know. Not doing anything would prove them incompetent. Suing him was out of question with activists like Okiya Omtata keen on making gains with every government setback. Killing him on the other hand would be utterly unacceptable and an apparent injustice in the eyes of the public.
Not unless one was an unknown assailant.

b) Aggrieved Citizens.
We all know the pain of losing a loved one. It is always painful eve if it is because of natural causes. If the reasons are caused by fellow man than it is out rightly infuriating! Men hate fellow men who play god. In the process, they too play god! That is the other possible scenario. A powerful or just vengeful individual who lost someone dear to them, hunted down like a white rhino in the Tsavo. Only that their mistake was to go shopping at the Westgate or go to Church in Likoni as did baby Osinya and his mother. Or maybe, another angry Muslim who also lost a relative and decided a tooth for a tooth and went down jihadically on Makaburi.

c) Foreign Government Operatives.
Who doesn’t know that the FBI have been milling around? Oh yes it is a bit of a relief to host them since they have ably helped sniff out explosives and thwarted probable attacks and thus saved numerous lives in the process! However, we also know what happened to Bin Laden despite the fact that he was unarmed at the time of the raid. The demise of Makaburi would be another name crossed off the list. This would in such a case imply progress. Who doesn’t love progress? I bet one of the best investigative agencies in the world does!

d) Radical Muslim Youth.
I know you’re probably shaking your head right now and thinking that this is far fetched. Well, it is okay. You have a right to your opinion, and so do I. However, going by the revelation in the feature Foul Winds as aired on NTV, it is not a completely absurd suggestion. There is the possibility that this has everything to do with the leadership wrangles surrounding Masjid Shahadaa. Whether from within or without, Makaburi’s death has definitely paved way for the rise of another key figure in the Muslim radicalization. The coveted position at the helm of Masjid Shahadaa (formerly Masjid Musa) is definitely something someone would consider worth killing for.

The investigations into the shooting of Makaburi are underway. Whether genuine or not, the death of Makaburi will no doubt be taken by many as a carbon copy of the same fate that befell his friend About Rogo. Whether or not his death would succeed in serving the objectives of either of the four parties mentioned above is a matter of perspective. As for now, all we hope for is that the relative calm observed will no doubt remain.

Rest in Peace Sheikh Abubakar Shariff.

Ooko Victor.

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