Public Display Of Affection – Why not Man to Man?

I attended mass yesterday. I attend mass every time I want to make my Sundays special. Yesterday was such a day. Such a Sunday. My timing was such that I enter the church premises during the Bible procession. Yes, I go to the Roman Catholic Church. And as usual, I arrived in good time, sneaked to the nearby pew at the very back and settled in. It was the youth who were leading the liturgy today, and a handful of them looking like they were basking on borrowed sanctity, crowded around the pulpit. Waiting for their time to read the bible or sing the responsorial psalm. Then, the moment I had been waiting for, the proclamation of the Gospel.

I can’t quite recall where the verse was extracted from, but it was about Jesus and the woman from Samaria. How Jesus asked for water to drink and when the woman expressed here reservations about Him being a Jew, he went on to say that he possessed the water of life…

Now we are on the same page. Back to my heading;during the explanation part of the readings, where now the priest expounds the 3 readings and their applications in our day to day lives, my mind could not concentrate any further on the mass. It all began with the priest mentioning that he had seen men hugging somewhere and further pointing out that it was not in the least manly. That it is wrong for a man to tell another man that I love you! You get my point? That men are not supposed to hold each other shoulder to shoulder? I understand the craze about everyone declaring their gay status and the public lashing that has seen calls for its prohibition, but this is very different! Are men not supposed to show affection to each other? The again, do men openly show affection to each other?

From my personal experience, a friend I may not have laid eyes on for more than a year will meet me and we kinda like just pick up from where we left. Unlike women who even shed tears for having missed the other, men simply knock their fists ( kugoteana) with each other or stage the shoulder charge antics and they’re good to go!

Does this mean that it is ethically wrong for men to hug or as the priest put it, hold each other shoulder high? I personally find nothing wrong with the public display of affection. And neither do I think it is gay to do that. Unfortunately, most of these judgments are based on the ethnic traditions of a single community or two of them. The priest for example is from the War torn South Sudan evangelizing in Kenya. Well, Kenya may be Rome, only not the same Rome he left behind when he set on evangelism.

Back on the issue at hand, is it just the women that have the advantage of publicly displaying their affection for each other? They literally jump around while embracing each other and no seems to give a damn! Why is it so wrong for two guys excited at having set face on each other after a long period apart to live the moment hugging and giggling at each other… Well, I may make it sound homo but I really need you to be the judge here!

What’s your take? Be certain to leave one behind.

Ooko Victor.

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14 thoughts on “Public Display Of Affection – Why not Man to Man?

  1. Its only time before Kenya comes of age on such matters as homosexuality…cant wait for that time when I can finally see my bff get hitched to her life partner


    • True to that Donsalom. The problem with Africa and it’s culture, is the lack of respect for personal space. Some things should not always be left to emotional interpretation.


  2. Im for gay rights and stand with all sexual minorities..come lets support our gay loved ones on 17th May as they march in the streets of our capital(and all capitals across the world) to push for their voice to be heard


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