A Player’s Stock List


Who wouldn’t want to make shopping a hobby, if at all they had all the dough? What are some of the things they would buy? Expensive first, then cheap… Fresh deliveries… Goods of sentimental value… Always going… Always shopping, and shopping more. It’s all a matter of rightly using the ammunition at hand to guarantee maximum satisfaction. The even more satisfaction. Insatiable appetite! Such is the nature of human wants. Such is the nature of a player.

The question I seek to answer is Who fits the bill for A Player? After all, every buyer has a rough idea of what commodity he wants. It’s specifications in some cases, the price. And trust me on this, a player is always willing to pay the price of laying that next piece of its prey. No one has his kind of patience. Furthermore, he has got nothing at all to lose! Every target is just another character in the game, another statistic awaiting to mature. Another item in the stock list, we were shopping, remember?
1. The public figure.
There is no price as coveted as the one with a high public approval rating. The type of ladies up in the wish list of every virgin and manwhores alike. The type that passes by and leaves heads turning not just at their majestic walk but their appalling personality. Such makes it easy prey for players since they easily pick themselves up and move on when things don’t work out (as of they were meant to work out at all).
Being at the top may prove to be lonely, until someone comes along and reminds you of just how easy it was to lower your guard when you were still unidentified in the public spotlight. From beauty peasants to vocal ladies of all kinds, the player always knows when to strike.

2.The long distance partner.
Long distance relationships are arguably the most difficult to sustain. The physical presence for those in a relationship plays an important part in cementing the bonds between a couple. Wherever you are, if it ain’t close to your partner then there is every need for concern. If you are not there for her, that minute, that single second that she needs you the most, then someone else will. No one best identifies and seizes the opportunity compared to the player! With patience as the greatest trait in the trade, a step at a time and you will rarely be missed! Whoever said that absence makes the heart fonder may not have put a players intrigues into consideration! The player will give your partner that rose for Valentines when all you can do is tag her on a Facebook photo, banking on memories that fade by the day! The fact that their union is illicit makes it the more exciting. And on the players part, another statistic, and the net is cast even wider!

3. Your Close Friends
Women are their own worst enemies, so the saying goes. Every woman envisions that perfect man beside her. At times, this perfect man comes at a price so costly! When the ladies sit down to share on their relationships… their sex life, they end up doing more damage than most of them realize. The dangers of over sharing! When that lonely friend of yours sits down and provides an audience for your bashful antics and declarations of just how good things are working out in your relationship. How the guy is such a gentleman as to treat you like no one else has ever done in your entire life… If at all you’re dating a player, then you are the best unpaid publicist he is lucky to have! It takes a cautious flirt with your guy to get things rolling! The thought of doing it behind your back only adding to the excitement! After all, you opened the milk jar wide for the cat to fee tempted enough! And more often than not, close friends are usually not that close. Especially with women, and this the player knows!

4 The liberal minds
Conversations with a woman may very well tell whether she is a relationship type or a no commitments type. Most liberal thinkers are the no strings attached type that resonates best with a player. You may call the relationship friends with benefits or simply fuck buddies but that doesn’t change the count for the player. He may be playing by your rules, but as long as the game keeps going, then his relevance remains intact.

5.There is a Swahili saying that goes, When a lion runs out of meat, it eats grass (Simba akikosa nyama hula nyasi). So long as there is something worthwhile in it’s gut for digestion. Similarly, a player may deviate from his shopping list, and opt for what in business terms we call impulse buying. Not because of any sentimental value to the commodity, but because it just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Such opportunities present themselves not once, nor twice. And trust a player to see the half a chance, and seize it! I say this holds true to the adage of Never missing the water till the well runs dry!

The most common aspect in all of these relationships for the player is the oath to secrecy. The don’t kiss and tell kinda secrecy. And even though this is the most difficult part of it all… It is crucial to the play’s continuity. But a player always tells. Give him a vibrant audience with a perfect catalyst and the story is all yours!

Ooko Victor.

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