Of Kenya and Cartels

A Cartel is defined as a group of businesses that collude to limit competition within an industry or a market. In Kenya however, a Cartel is this very huge monster that keeps on giving sleepless nights to our government. All sectors of the Kenyan economy owe their tribulations to the so called Cartels.So much that the government is unconsciously conceding their inability to protect it’s citizens from the the greed of the few who have so far proven their inability to hold the entire nation at ransom.

Whereas everyone thought that the elected government of the day was the single most powerful entity in the country, submissions from several quarters allude to the exact opposite. The Standard Gauge Railway tender row appears to be the latest bone of contention. The 300 billion project has been the subject of renewed controversy with the coalition government appearing to pull in different sides even as the opposition looks to widen the discontentment.

Cartels have previously been blamed for the soaring of oil prices . A period that saw the country experience the highest oil prices yet in the local market, even as the international prices seemed to be going down. The transport industry has also not been spared. Several timeshare we have had the ministry of transport raising the red flag over the apparent increase in the muscle flexing of the so called Cartels. Rumors of particular vehicles not being arrested for flouting traffic regulations because of their overshadowing godfathers have refuses to let us go.

It is time the government assured its citizens that it is in control of the country. It is owed to us as the citizens. The Kenyan government has all the necessary items at its disposal to deal with the few individuals who seek to gain an the expense of the entire nation. Just as it is the duty of every citizen to pay taxes, so is the role of the government to ensure proper utilization of these funds to properly serve all Kenyans. The finger pointing from our elected leaders that is currently abound the public domain should cease and everyone assume their rightful responsibility. Either that or the government comes clean on whether it is so far unable to cope with the duties bestowed them by the Kenyan electorate.

Ooko Victor

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