Is Homosexuality The New Leprosy?

I am straight. And there is no question about that. I am attracted to the skirt and the female voice. Everyone in my family is. Or at least, that’s the common notion every time we are together. As friends and family. On second thought however, I have never asked any of them what their sexual orientation is. And honestly, it has never bothered me. At the moment, it does. Not because homosexuals exist, but because the society is taking it upon itself to be their judge, after prosecuting them. Sealing their fate without their slightest chance to express themselves.

I have had a friend disclose his homosexuality to me. The only alarming thing was his attraction to me. To this I made him understand, my interests lay elsewhere. It was that simple. Like rejecting an advance from that nagging boyfriend or girlfriend. We still are friends, and I chose not to make it my business to make myself his judge. He was doing what he felt was good for him. And I was giving him his space to live his life. Plain and simple.

Not everyone agrees. Social media is awash with growing disclosure by the gay community of their sexuality. Uganda and Nigeria having been the most recent to pass legislation criminalizing homosexuality. The fact that these governments have stood by and watch its own children discriminated against, depriving them of their fundamental rights and freedoms at the expense of social intolerance is disturbing to say the least. Hiding behind our #Traditions to comfortably cast out our fellow brothers and sisters because of their sexual orientation to me is the most cowardly thing a society could ever do.

Why should I turn against someone I have known and interacted with for a long time only because they trusted me enough to let me in on their sexuality? And forget all other good things around them like their brilliance and maybe even the fact that they are the very people who could stand by us when everyone else turns against us? Since when did being a homosexual infer thar one is dumb? Or unable to pay taxes or even fend for themselves? Do we really have to make homosexuality the new Leprosy in society? I would not make it my business to judge whom you take to bed and use it as a benchmark for your sanity! Whoever said that male – female relationships are more normal? It’s only a recipe for leaving double lives that would constantly have us look over our shoulders wondering how long we could keep up without getting caught!

Our thinking about other people’s sexuality really need to change. Hurling insults at them or merely ridiculing them or even expressing physical or other verbal violent antics at these brothers and sisters of ours need to stop.

Maybe tomorrow, you will wake up to the realization that after all even your parents were gay. Either way, would you see them killed because of this? Being gay doesn’t take humanity out of us! Turning against each other because of our sexual orientation makes us inhuman. And so is our desire to draw blood from everyone else who is not like us. The least we could do is accept that our society is changing and learn to coexist with others as they are.

This is what I would do. What would you rather do?

Ooko Victor

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