What About The Male Child?

It has become common knowledge that men are the most unappreciated gender in the entire world. This even as the boy child continues to be preferred to the female child in most marriages. Why does this disparity exist? I have neither parents in my life, so I bet I won’t be obviously biased in my assertions.

In a normal family set up, each parent has their roles. The African societies in general bestow on women the overall mothering responsibility. This coupled with the fact that they have the exclusive biological ability to give birth to children and breastfeed them, the close attachment with the child is unrivaled. The father on the other side embodies the responsibility of providing for and protecting the family. This role however has greatly changed for most families owing to the great shift in gender roles that has seen more women able to rival their male counterparts in most of them if not all. As a result, the male roles are increasingly considered an option.

Women would rather be single mothers than thrive in marriage life. Men are becoming more of sperm donors than the original dad and father figure they were once . The ability to provide for their children is making some women feel that that is all there has to be in bringing up the child. I have had conversations with ladies who would swear to becoming single parents when they decide to have a family. Mostly used is the phrase, If he as much as lay a finger on me! Then that will be the end of it! Whatever happened to, For Better For Worse? It is like women get into relationships with the exit mentality already in mind! This arguably pushes most men in a corner unable to know just what may happen in case he blunders, even slightly!

When most celebrities opt to sing for their parents, majority consider their mothers paramount. Does it mean their dads had absolutely no contribution whatsoever in their upkeep? From Kanye West to the Kenya sensation Bahati, all I ever hear is the mother . The society we live socializes us according to its norms;its traditions. Once we are born into it, we simply pick up from where we find it. We simply fit in and try making the best out of it.
Everyone wants to be loved, to be appreciated. One day when I decide to have kids, I would prefer that each of us as the parents to our kids mean equally the same.

The question lingering in your mind is definitely known to me. What about preference? It is human nature to have a favorite, even among favorites. However, some of these deductions are more or less constructed by the societies we are brought up in. At the moment, the pro-feminine campaigns at the expense of the males is not a promising conclusion. Why can’t we have government focus on better ways of nurturing the male child. An education system that can see them put their extra energy to fruitful use. Instead of the increasing menaces they have become in either the transport industry, or careers as pickpockets and notorious robbers! Compulsory military training to ensure discipline as well as equipping them with basic skills for various crafts could go a long way towards reducing the disorder on the roads.

It is almost certain that equity can never be achieved, however, that doesn’t mean that we quit trying… It is time something is done about this male child, this brother and dad. Something much better than taking them for granted as the dominant sex. Society keeps changing and so do the actors. A request to our women, please show some little bit of appreciation. After all, it’s the least you can do to make a man feel deserving.

Great Friday folks!

Ooko Victor


Ookoscope, the way it is!


3 thoughts on “What About The Male Child?

  1. brother, its unfortunate that every one talks of the girl child,,,this attitude has badly marginalized the boy child,,,,,the girl child is preferred elsewhere,,,we should form an association that will speak for the boy child….


    • I completely concur brother, this marginalization based on gender is having it’s toll on our society. We need to have an association for the boy child. To create societal balance and mentor them into fine men


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