A Nation’s Security At Stake.

There are numerous things that a free and stable nation may need. None of this however includes a disgruntled police force. Every government relies on the police to enforce the laws of the land as approved by the elected representatives on behalf of the entire citizenry. What happens when this very important body is so desperate yet bound to the very poor terms and conditions of service?

Law and order has been in existence for as long as the human race has equally thrived. Even religion clearly maps out the don’ts and their corresponding consequences. It is neither prudent nor necessary for me to list down the benefits of peaceful coexistence amongst a people. For it has become common knowledge to we the generations of the 21st Century. Therefore,to shut our eyes under the assumption that everything will ultimately work out is a trait hardly synonymous with bravery.

Our country Kenya is currently walking down that road laced in red hot coal. We have been doing this for quite some time now, and even basked in the pretense that we were getting comfortable in the act. The truth of the matter however is that we’re not. Slowly ever so slowly, the entire act is crumbling on our watch. And the indications are right in front of our eyes. From increased insecurity to audacious acts of crime that leave everyone perplexed at just how bold and creative crime has become, reality is slowly catching up with us. Kenya is reaping the fruits of neglect to it’s intended protectors. Just the other day, an investigative series by one Dennis Okari of the Nation Media Group featured members of the uniformed forces who confessed to having traded with goons albeit to make ends meet. Either through leasing out their firearms or delaying to act on reported incidents of crime, the illegal activities have proven much more lucrative than their pay could ever have been.

Today the police vetting continues, the objective being to get the best people to successfully run and ensure transformation of the force.
Introduction of a new policing curriculum being top of the expectations from the public owing to the great nature in which crime has evolved. Remuneration of the junior offices and their entire welfare in general has also been priority. We need more action than just the usual lip service if at all we are to be sure of a safe and secure future for our country Kenya. Until then, we shall continue walking through the tightrope!

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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