A Second Chance – The Rebirth


Everyone always has that life changing experience. That moment in life when you look back and express your disbelief at the kind of life you have lived and survived. I had a tale of this kind once. Until my best friend Okoth, opened his heart out to me. And this is what I got. The shock of my life. And just as he did, I invite you to walk this tightrope with the hope that it will change your life or better still, it will influence you to change the life of another…

Being young is so sweet. Add money and fame to that and the image it stirs is just so inviting! In a players world, it gives you access to a variety of women. So naive as some may seem, others just feign it. Yet so sweet this game is that you never get to know when roles change and the hunter becomes the hunted. And just when you think that you have become the master of the art, the truth is the exact opposite

Okoth had reached that time of his life when he had everything he ever needed at that time. And after sampling a variety of ladies bedding almost a different sample every night, he decided to change tact. He settled on another level of the game altogether. He no longer wanted the liberal kind that is scantily dressed and exposing everything they had on them literally leaving nothing to imagination! Not at all, he now opted for a different kettle of fish. The beautifully wrapped and deeply ‘religious’  ladies of the Muslim faith. And since there was the perception that Christians are promiscuous going by the daily happenings around us, the new catch presented sanctity of a kind. ‘Who knows, maybe she could even be a virgin!’ he thought.

It didn’t take long for things to work out. The lady would sneak out and spend at Okoth’s place once in a while… The different in religions meant they couldn’t express their emotions for each other openly. They would always look across their shoulders to ensure they evaded the loathed discovery by the Muslim brothers. That’s how she called them. Or so she said . With him she was free. She would sneak out of her room and feel the ‘freedom’  that came with ‘living’  outside the Buibui. She would party hard and drink herself senseless without a care in the world! She would be free to roam and express herself in ways only her heart knew how. She would become someone else. Something else.Okoth also started developing feelings for Fatma. Severally, he confessed to me just how much he loved her. He had taken her out to nights out in posh hotels. There they would have their intimate moments. And he would later on join me for some man talk where we would weigh out the options. I am a Scholar of Sociology, so I very well understood the challenges that their illicit relationships underwent. However, things had got so deep, and I got worried.

One day during our usual chit chats, I brought up the issue of protection. Whether they were using any. Apparently they weren’t. This was a point of concern. I couldn’t understand why Okoth would not take my reservations seriously. All the same, there wasn’t much I could do anyway.

Okoth went on seeing other women. That was his life. Their relationship with Fatma however, did not die down. They would still hook up for a dose of each other. The sex was great. At least that’s what Okoth kept on confessing to me. Every climax raising a new urge… How else would they have become each other’s drug? Complications soon began sprouting. One day while in bed after a steaming sexual encounter, Fatma released the bombshell. ‘If I go for testing and find that am positive, then you will marry me,’ she said. Okoth could not believe his ears. Why was she only dwelling on if she turned out to be positive? Why bring up the matter at that particular time altogether? Coming to think about it, they had never had sex without protection!

Okoth on the other hand knew he may have been the carrier of the virus. And he strongly believed he knew exactly the person who could have infected her. Someone else he was seeing apart from Fatma. He resigned himself to his fate. And set out to get the facts straight. The details he acquired were however much more surprising! The person he suspected to have infected him was actually negative. Several tests had proven that. Okoth himself could not go for testing. He wasn’t confident enough to even approach the testing center. The impending reality was so overwhelming to know for certain. He preferred living in speculation. And he stopped seeing Fatma.

Speculation about one’s HIV status is not the best feeling one could wish to have. It is like having a time bomb in the pocket yet not being certain on whether or not it would go off. Okoth couldn’t get the strength to know his status. Worsening the situation was the fact that Fatma was indeed positive and was threatening to let the whole world know that Okoth actually infected him, if he refused to marry her. Okoth was now sure he was infected. Yet there was no one he could share this with. His fame would be his greatest undoing. The route through which his name would sink into the wildest criticism. He had to marry Fatma. He had no choice.

Do you believe in the existence of angels? I did not, honestly. And I am still trying to figure out how to some people can be this selfless. So loving and encouraging even when the end is as certain as death, just a step away. That is how Okoth’s life changed. There was this lovely lady who he was still hitting on. Apparently, she was trustworthy enough that Okoth opted to open up to her first. She loved Okoth and wouldn’t let him go despite. She believed in him. His ability to learn from his mistakes and change for the better. She gave Okoth a second chance, and to begin with was the HIV test.

The couple left Nakuru for Nairobi. The first test turned out negative and Okoth wouldn’t buy it. The next testing center presented the same results and the third too. He was negative, but unconvinced. He made testing his hobby. It’s now more than 5 months since he began testing for the virus and so far the results have come out negative. He informed Fatma who of course was disappointed. She may be moving to her next prey…

Okoth has however dedicated his entire love and life to her new Angel. The lady who lifted him up when he had no strength to make the attempt. The Bible is their new favorite book…

The intention of this article is to touch and change lives. It is an actual account of the lives of several students in Egerton University. It is not in any way intended to defame the any faith in any way since it is not religions that falter but us, human beings. The names of the persons have been altered for the protection of their privacy.

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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