Love For Sale – The Paradigm Shift.


Hii watu ya generation yenu ni lazima msaidiwe kufanya kila kitu? There’s no single thing you can do on your own?
These were the words of my uncle and guardian the other day on seeing the advert on ‘Relationship Tips’  that featured former Tahidi High lead cast Lulu Hassan and honestly, it really got me thinking. There is obviously those of us who just like myself feel that these guys are just doing business and that we in no way contribute to their survival. Well, a sneak peek into the numerous dating sites and date agencies will tell you otherwise. The love business is booming! There is no better way to put it!

The evolution of technology has no doubt made us entirely dependent on it for even what a generation or two ahead of us called bedroom affairs, exactly! Because that’s where they belonged. The bedroom. Today, tips on seduction techniques exist and are just a button away!From PENDO 2020 to LOVE 2002, the list is endless. Prying and capitalising on our bedroom inefficiencies? No, let me use the pronoun ‘ your’. I do not share in the same predicament.

Just what is it that we look for in our suitors nowadays? So much that we can not get the one from our immediate circles? Have we succumbed to the idealism that exist in the Mexican soap operas? So much that we greatly wish for the fairy tale Happily Ever After kind of scenarios? Give me a ‘happily ever after’  type of relationship in the Bible and I will change the theme of writings to strictly Biblical!

None? Well, I expected that. We have weaknesses as human beings. What makes us beautiful is that we have people who love us even when we are sunk into the deepest of pits! Ironically, the vice versa is also startlingly true! And even though it is human nature to seek perfection, imperfection is what makes us even more desired!


In the olden days, there was no time for checking around or waiting for cupids arrow across your ripe apple; once betrothed then your fate was as good as sealed. The recent years that saw the introduction of westernization brought with it the liberty to choose whom to marry. And until yesterday, technology brought with it online dating or should I call it induced online love tips?

I am an adventurous soul with hardly any intentions to trash ones choice of love life. It only alarms me how times have changed ;and how dependent we have become.

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


3 thoughts on “Love For Sale – The Paradigm Shift.

  1. No one wants to work, build a relationship from scratch. Today, people fall in love for the wrong reasons and with selfish motives. Today, Love is not Love, love was love during the time of my great grand parents and grandparents.
    Today, its a name, a word we use to get what we want from people who have that which we want. Today, It is a misused word.
    Unfortunately, I am a member of the today generation, But am glad I think not like the Today generation.
    My great grand ma would be so proud of me if she saw me today, My kids will be proud of their mama years to come, Because their mama, Stood out. Their Mama doesn’t live the life the today people live.


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