Viva Madiba, Viva


Nelson Rolinlhalha Mandela is Dead. That is the news I woke up to this morning of December, the announcement having been made late in the previous night. And even though the entire world kinda was prepared for this in view of his continued deteriorating health ;when it actually did happen it still stuck a substantial amount of surprise into many. The realization that the household name ‘Mandela‘ was no more being too much to bear. The entire world woke up to this greatly sad realization.


That Madiba is gone is beyond us right now ;however the solid lessons he left behind for all to learn is what shall forever endear us to this great icon. Lessons of humility no matter how high we get exalted. Lessons of forgiveness that is worth its true definition. A heart that gets content and is always akin to sharing. Madiba exemplified this life and left behind shoes so huge to fit in for his predecessors and other world leaders.

So sad it is that the land grabbing leaders, those who cling to power and use violence to remain relevant, as well as those who amass and continue amassing wealth that they aren’t even sure they shall get to enjoy, actually shared the same planet ;the same continent or even nation with Mandela and failed to learn a bit about being humane. The leaders of today, and especially in
Africa have and will continue sending sarcastic messages of condolences to celebrate the Life of an Icon they refused to emulate.

As we celebrate 50 years of freedom, my plea is that we stay true to our hearts and learn from the Life of this fellow human being who chose the not so popular path of sacrifice and ended up touching the lives of many and becoming an inspiration to even more.

Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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