Evaluating the ‘Technocrats’ – My Call to Change.


My dictionary tells me that a technocrat is an expert in a particular technology, and especially one who relies on technical information, and neither emotions nor public opinion to make decisions /judgment. This term seems to bear no meaning as portrayed by the current crop of persons who live up to the vocabulary. In fact, when these opinion shapers emerge to speak about a particular issue, it is almost certain that you could tell their ethnic allegiance by the school of thought and the the name they hold. So predictable they have become that when you embark on reading their arguments in the dailies, you just shift your gaze to the bottom of the text and your worst fears are confirmed.

Expert analyses now flow like propaganda. Renowned and highly respectable lawyers, columnists to mention but a few are more keen towards being in tandem with the opinions of their ethnic kingpins than with reason and objective truth . They have now become like foot soldiers for their party and or ethnic bigwigs. The key objective being to sway the thinking of the public. To shape public opinion to meet their own and their masters ends.
Just what is good for Kenya and it’s citizens? What it’s leadership thinks is best or what Kenyans themselves propose through their lobby groups? Look at Kenya right now, the judiciary is slowly crumbling and the police is not any better. The army is fighting to clear it’s name of the debacle following the the Westgate Massacre, the president and his Deputy are also at it with the ICC, and the whole nation is held as ransom! Where is the voice of reason? Where is the wise counsel?

Despite all the years that we spend in school, go to the University and graduate with Bachelors, or Masters and even PhDs, we still seem to passionately guard our ethnicities! So much is the passion that we can’t wait to flash them on everyone’s faces whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is true that opinions are like assholes and everyone is entitled to one, however, not at the expense of everyone else! If we choose to be professionals, let us remain as that. This is the one true way of fighting tribalism and saving this great nation from this undeclared chronic ailment and obstacle towards national development.

Kenya is for much greater than an individual,this statement has been uttered by several great personalities, maybe for their own personal reasons. My understanding however is exactly what it portrays ;loyalty and great patriotism for the country. We hardly live by the words we speak, but we choose to be careful with whatever we write, only that at times we shift alliances and throw caution to the wind. Even experts apparently, when they decide to satisfy their own appetites for whatever it will cost. This has to change. We need to do things differently. Today more than ever,
our country really needs us!

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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