Celebrating the Life of Mr David Langat – A Tribute.


I have sought answers to questions
Responses that haven’t been forthcoming
Instead, only posing fresh puzzles
Until I lost the urge to keep waiting
And wanting and pressing for more
To face it and tell it aloud
Albeit to release and let go
My reason for this season

It pains to stand here
And speak that which never graced the mind
The loss of the dear
Whom just yesterday we brushed shoulders with
Talked, smiled and laughed as one
Lived and Breathed with
And yet today finds them gone

That’s what I feel at the moment
On this day, that we chose to live
The final moments
To bask in the sweet memories
All both light and tense
And highly cherished

I lack words to express my grief
For the long year since we met
Now seem like a bunch of hours
So short and inadequate
For all, we could have had

How I wish you were listening
And smiling as every word
Cast it’s meaning upon our conscience
As you would always do
That charming and disarming gesture
We never thought we would lose

Behind the wheel, you were our guide
Our safe pair of hands
And you left, doing us service
Your duty and devotion to us
The more reason we celebrate you today

Off the wheel, you were much more
A friend and trusted counsel
The Love and  fatherly figure
always drew comrades to you
To trust and confide in you
A privilege we sure will miss

Departed you may be
From within and around us
But never from our hearts
Our minds and wishes
There you always shall be
A safe abode we give

As I set to pen down
My dear friend and colleague Joyce
The mantle is yours to bear
To be there for your mum and siblings
Monica, Faith, Emanuel, and Methuselah
So they can see the light unwavering
And as steady as Dad would have wished it

I wish I could say more
Yet I have to let go
We all have to let you go
With the hope upon hope
To see you again dear friend

Rest in peace loving father
Rest in peace dear husband
Rest in peace worthy uncle, brother, and cousin
Rest in peace friend and colleague

Again we shall meet.

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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