Played A Fool – My Painful Lesson.

Becoming a student leader in the University is a big thing. It thrusts you into the public limelight, albeit as far as the campus publicity is concerned. Your name, once common and of little significance becomes useful and an influence towards future nods. This charm plays out nowhere else as it plays with women, yeah, campus ladies.

Here’s my story. The part I played and ended up the fool. You heard me right… What would you do when someone tells you that they ‘loved’  you from the image you portrayed on a poster? Yeah, I know, it’s lame… And you probably think I am making this up, but nope, it ain’t!

It all began with a Facebook chat, I withhold the details for privacy’s sake . Then followed texts and then the one on one meet up. The realization that I had been the object of clear and calculated observation. Of course at first I was edgy and reluctant, but with time came the sincerity. The innocence. And I bought it. Loving every moment of it. Things got up close and we grew fonder. The rest can be left to imagination. Until came the bombshell…

It did not come as easily as I put it, of course not. It began with relationship problems with the ex until the apparent fallout. Then came the advances…

I must confess that I have never been so good with relationships. I always messed up at some point. I don’t know why, it just happens. Am almost taking an oath for celibacy! Marlene now wanted us to get exclusive. To start dating. Of course I rejected. Not because I did not like her, but because I knew it would end up nowhere. Marlene was frustrated and cried the whole night. Questioning her worth and everything. Ladies make great actors. Well, that’s what I realized later on…

The news was surprising .Disturbing . She was pregnant, with my kid. Two weeks pregnant. That was what she said. And I bought it. Thought about it for quite some time, then accepted it. Accepted my responsibility as a father. As a dad. Agreed to play my paternal roles. Not that I really knew what roles in particular. I promised to be there. As best as I could. And I tried…

Marlene then deferred her studies. I thought she was out to have time for our baby. That’s what she told me. But no, the reason was to make her allegations seem real. She secured a job at a Supermarket in town. We would meet once a week or any other appropriate time when I was in town. It was also hard for me. Thinking of just how I was wasting her academic time. It was a huge burden to bear. We pushed on… Days went by… Fresh demands here and there…
“Baibe, I need to visit the clinic, can you cash me in? ”
” Sweety, I need some 6 g’ s to start my small business… ”
” Hun, I need to change my residence, my cousin is making life difficult for me… “, and on the demands went…
I complied where I could and promised or even turned down what was beyond my means. I opted to start taking my life seriously, to seek out an investment, and prepare for my coming child. My own flesh and blood…
Thinking like a parent is difficult. It calls for responsibility. Always thinking of the price. It’s easier to mess around and be accountable to no one. But when it comes to bringing a child to the world, this is something else! We kept the communication, chipping in for ’emergencies’  here and there. I got frustrated. Wished I could be able to fully take care of the mother of my child. Have her with me and care for her, however, I was a student, a student leader. A very busy life and tight schedule. Then again I was uncertain I could make it on myself!

Things got slow between us. Yeah, we had our tight moments. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the message came. The child was born. She hadn’t informed me until a week later, reason being that I had changed towards her. My daughter had been born on September 18th, yet I got to know close to a week later! Of course I didn’t buy that! Then came the photos to prove to me that it was actually true. It felt good to finally have a glimpse of my offspring, born in her 6th month and thriving inside the incubator!

Nnenna was the name given to her. Honestly, even though I didn’t know how that hell I was going to raise the kid, I felt proud. I had always wanted a joyous little girl to run around and call me ‘Daddy’ , just as Marlyne would call me.

With the news about my daughter’s birth. I grew restless with every passing day. I wanted to lay eyes on her. Hold her into my arms and kiss her forehead… I planned the journey to Kitale. Only to reach there to fresh demands, I could not see my daughter until I had come with ‘my people’. Seriously? My people. To make the journey all the way to be turned back at this very last moment? It really hurt to be so near yet so far!

That trip brought with it fresh doubt to my mind. Had I been so gullible to miss earlier hints of a possible scam? I guess I haven’t stayed around pregnant women long enough to tell…

I came back more weary. The doubts were overwhelming. Yet she strongly insisted. I felt it wrong to doubt her sincerity. Until one day…

This day always comes . I could no longer take chances and set out an investigator. With help from friends, I was able to prove her story a sham. I thought of pressing charges, yet again, it wasn’t worth it. I let her go, in peace. Unharmed. The only request, she never gets in my way. She confessed, asked for forgiveness. I couldn’t deny her. What I fail to understand is how love could drive one to do such? To keep the other? I dismissed it as gold digging, but then again, she came from a wealthy background! I could not understand.

I have stopped asking. I find peace that way. I however couldn’t put this behind without putting it in writing, so that one day, I may just teach my little ones a lesson or two from experience. After all, experience is the best teacher! Isn’t it?

Note that this is based on a true story, the intention however is to keep it as an account of something important in my life and not to get back at anyone. The names of persons may be changed for privacy’s sake.

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


18 thoughts on “Played A Fool – My Painful Lesson.

  1. I can imagine the emotional turmoil you had to undergo. Must have taken you long to recover from that. It’s a great lesson to the everyone though, that we just need to be responsible in our relationships and be sober in as much as love makes us drunk. Thank you for sharing.


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