The Love Card


Ever played cards?
I ain’t a Master in the art. I tend to spectate more…
And try figuring out every move the players make.
The possible psychological mechanisms…
The caution and risk taking…
The overlap of decisions.
The chemistry.

I can not count the number of times
I have fallen in and out love…
Or was it mere infatuations?
Culminations of deep desire?
No, in and out of love.
I felt every bit of it.
And loved every feeling endured…
I hurt and got hurt.
I swore never to give in again…
Yeah, I said.
Words change depending on the context…
And so does their meanings.
One way or another, always back to square one.

Man is shrewd.
Maybe that’s what makes man differ with the beast.
Always finding another way to justify his actions.
By man for man.
Excuses and counter excuses…
Breakups and reunions all part of the big game.
The mind games. Only that the risk involved is emotional.

From one victim to the next.
This relationship to the other
The game goes on. The hurt keep going… Life plays on.
And players keep playing
Hoping to somehow get it right
Next time around
Or continue getting it wrong
And appear to be really trying
In the eyes of the supposed

This game changes its rules
Gentle at this time
Completely ruthless in the next
A gamble it is!
One worthy of a complete ban!

L. O. V. E
A dangerous and sweet affair
A feeling sweet and stale
In the same breathe
It’s sad we keep it going
Turning it an arsenal
Instead of an asset
The sweet game of poker
That gently rips the heart apart!

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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