Choice. Consequence. Opportunity – A Reflection.

We live in this world where the choice of how and where to be born is not ours to make. Whether rich or poor, black or white. Yet the proof of  life at that tender age is the scream of discomfort that is almost ritual to every foetus that ascribes to the status of ‘a baby’ immediately the environmental air heats against their lungs. This in itself is testament of the sensitivity of the human body and mind to discomfort. The human being from that tender age learns to seek comfort that in extension means happiness.

From a choice less birth comes a guided youth. Directives based on parental desires. This is usually the uncertain moment in everyone’s life. A time when we grow to see things first through our mentors eyes, before gaining insight to see things through our very own. As youth advances comes choice . This is the free will to decide. And even though the law limits this to the effect on the neighbor, fellow citizen or even fellow human beings. The freedom to choose is the greatest ever given to the human race. The decision determines the current life and destiny.

History is never subjected on choice. The past don’t always determine the future. Hence the term, shaping one’s own destiny. That is the desire of every free thinking human being. Whether to subscribe to a future of wealth and power, or greed and destruction is ours to decide. Whether to follow the paths of successful personalities and embrace them as our own is also based on choice. Life is what we make it to be. Even the titles of murderers when we lose sanity and crave upon the lives of each other, remain ours to bear.

Choices have consequences . This is the final component of my piece today. Before we become history, we make choices and have therefore to live to the consequences. This choice-consequence sequence is what makes our history. It forms the basis upon which we are judged. Whether fairly or harshly is not for us to decide. That’s the most unfortunate part about choosing. You can only make them when privileged to.

There comes a time when even that right is taken away. And never to be availed again. This is called opportunity. They may be in galore! In great abundance. However, they can as well be rare and so scarce! The saying that fortune only knocks once sums this up pretty succinctly.

My intention is not to jumble up your minds. Not at all! My intention is to raise a challenge. That every opportunity presented, we should make a decisive choice, being fully aware of the possible consequences. So that when that time comes for history to judge us, then we shall be placed amongst the shrewd . The progressives . That is purposeful living. That is life.

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, The Way It Is!

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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