The Final Verdict – Suspension.

It has taken me quite sometime to accept this. It seems so unreal-when it actually happens to you, than when you read it on Social Media.


When I was a small child… Enrolling into primary school and reading the history of Kenya’s Freedom fighters… I saw them as heroes… The whole tale looked fairy. I bet the artistic add-ons aided in making it look more fairy! I would envy these national and historical heroes. Nothing more. I never viewed myself in their shoes. Not a single bit.

Recently, when one buddy I met in social media narrated to me the reason for his suspension from the University, I got furious at their student leadership. His story had been told and retold over and over again in the social media. The buzz died down with time. His fate remained. Despite the constitutional threshold backing him remaining untapped.

Today is Tuesday, a day after I picked my Suspension letter and cleared from the University. Egerton University. The World Class University for the Advancement of Humanity! Yeah, it looks kinda unreal and disturbing. Provoking if I may add. A million and one questions going through my mind! The psychological trauma it causes

… From the sudden change of my schedule… The busy mornings… Constant phone calls and text messages… To this… waking up to read facebook comments and listen in to #TheBigBreakfast show on KISS FM… Thinking of what to add to my itinerary…

I have made phone calls. Numerous of them. Others picked others ignored. Others couldn’t go through.

No hard feelings… just stating what happened… Among those that went through were those for the Dean of Students , Director Student Welfare Services and the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs. I won’t mention those that never went through. And as I said, no hard feelings.

“Time will fly fast… You won’t even realize it… “, were the final words from the last successful call… Since I woke up today, time has really flown fast. I have dressed up and toasted my bread for breakfast… But since I have no lectures to attend… I need to look at what else I should do…

Great day dear readers… And as I told my dear friend the other day…   

” At least I ain’t dead, so no mourning for you…”

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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