Kenya on Trial-The #WestgateMall Fiasco

Saturday, 21st September is a day that cast a dark cloud on the history of our great country Kenya. What commenced as a chilly morning here in #Njoro would become a living purgatory experience for the happy shoppers who would stream into the West Gate Mall in what most regard as a shopping routine. The aftermath however was a hostage situation, one of its own kind in Kenya. An actual happening reminiscent of the gruesome graphics of the Hollywood movies! It is an event that even though most would wish to forget, shall for long remain a constant nag in the minds of every concerned Kenyan.

The attack comes in a the wake of the ongoing trials at the Hague, for Kenya’s deputy president Hon. William Ruto and former Radio presenter Joshua arap Sang’. A time in which Kenya is undergoing inter ethnic onslaught on Social Media and airing it’s dirty tribal intolerance at the Hague for the entire world to see.

By the time of I sat to raise this blogpost, the #deathtoll from the #WestgateMall incident according to the @Ntv twitter handle stood at 43 with the situation yet to be contained.

The Alshabaab through correspondence with the Aljazeera have confirmed responsibility for the siege. For the heinous killings and terror that have become the most trending news all over social media.
Now more than ever we need each other as a country, a nation. Both in prayer and in deed. The victims of the siege are not just luos, luhyias, kikuyus or kalenjins. They are our sons and daughters ;our brothers and sisters ;our neighbors ;our friends and clients ;our bosses. And above all, they are our fellow Kenyans. Human beings like you and me. Nothing else matters!

This is a trying moment for Kenya. As we continue fighting each each others because of our differences, we give way for other opportunists to hurt the very core of our lives.

I would like to laud every Kenyan who put their life on the line for the sake of the restoration of sanity at the Westgate Mall. It was and will remain a selfless act which I choose to recognize. The Aga Khan hospital did not choose the casualties to save! Neither did the KNH or the other hospitals that took part in the rescue operation.The Kenya Red Cross Society is a solid example of commitment to servitude. I appreciate them in their continued diligence.

The question now is what me and you have done or are doing for the sake of the victims. For the sake of our country. Blaming the other tribe and branding this a post election ‘curse’? Or cheering you political bigwig for making a political statement to gain selfish ground for themselves? Or better still, donating blood for the victims whichever their tribal affiliation?Praying for a peaceful and more stable Kenya ahead?

I am surprised that someone would see a joke in everything that is going on. Talking about rewards for blood donors! I am a proud blood donor and can’t wait to part with the next pint for the sake of another.

Finally, I would like to thank the International community for the messages of hope and encouragement. I would also like to thank the political president for exhibiting great commitment to the course. Not only because of the loss of his nephew,may his soul rest in peace, but also as the President and commander in chief.

Let Kenyans keep up the commitment to each other by coming out and donating blood. At the end of day, when everything is said and done, the only thing we shall have left is each other.


Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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