Behave Yourselves – A lecture for Nairobi Top Brass.

I have by all means tried to stay clear of the political arm twisting that has dazed the public limelight for the past one and a half weeks in vain. This is because being a young leader with noble ambitions for the future, I have in mind the ideal brand of leadership, that I always aspire to relate to. Non of it prescribes to the actions I have seen.

It all started with Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko hurling insults at the Kiss FM presenter, Caroline Mutoko, LIVE on National Radio! Mark you, that is a leader who marshalled  a million-plus votes earning the trust of numerous youth in the entire Nairobi County! Mr Sonko should use a legal way of presenting his complains! The Radio Africa has a hierarchy that would be more than willing to listen to him rather than erode his dignity on public radio

Second came the slaps, born out of the incident at the Governor’s office. I will break this a bit… It was wrongful for the Women Representative to lead demonstrators to her colleagues office, without a prior attempt to resolve the matter amicably. As a leader in equal measure to the governor, Hon. Shebesh should have tried to be a part of the solution. Campaigns are way behind us and hence activism instead of resourceful dialog will always be viewed as cravings for cheap publicity. The Women Rep, in genuine concern should have called on the governor and his deputy to try speeding up the resolution of the demands laid by the striking county workers. Plain and simple! This should have been done in private and not in an act of public display of political push and pull that is characteristic of the current political scene.

The reaction by Hon. Kidero to slap his colleague is another bone of contention. A slap was a traditional way of ‘punishment’  meted in the husband by the wife in most societies. That was before the 21st century branded it an act of assault. The law believes that issues can be resolved best through fruit oriented conversations than through getting physical, an option His Exellency, the Governor of Nairobi County preferred. A gentleman, a status I believe he ascribes to currently clashes with his perceived personality by many Kenyans, myself included. My advice to him is to, never again slap a lady, and especially on the full glare of the media . That’s not all, the other bit is his temperament, and ability to work under pressure.All this has been dragged to the public limelight, and with continued pressure mounting and no solution to the workers wages demands, the issue is still a long way from over.

Lies and politics are indeed marriage partners. That’s another key lesson I learnt from the political class. Mr. Kidero looking into the cameras and denying having a recollection of an action whose footage is circulating in on Social media was a minus to his political advisor. I prefer apologizing when I can no longer run. Maybe he needs to borrow that leaf from me.

My advice to the Nairobi County leadership, it’s time to shelve your political vehicles and serve the people elected you. Those that you swore to serve. And this you can best do while United. Unity.

Phew!! I now feel much lighter, for giving my take… Am glad to be back from the long break…

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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