The Dawning of the D-Day

Egerton University has for long evaded the public limelight for all the bad reasons and I can’t help but congratulate the University for their unending efforts to make Egerton University constantly reknown for its academic prowess as opposed to the other highly reknown Universities in relation to riots and Student unrests.

However, the peaceful turned violent demonstrations that was a subject of investigations by the Senate sub-committee investigating the root cause of  the students unrest may be viewed as an unnecessary hitch on the creation of a smooth environment for studies within the campus, concern should be diverted to the Social Welfare of the Students and as to whether their environs are habitable and secure to enable them channel most of their time and energy to what really brought them to Campus.

Academics bred in a filthy and insecure environment ends up compromised. When half of my concentration is on whether I shall make it home alive and back to school the following morning instead of the minute but vital arithmetic concepts on the board, then much is amiss!

The three Student Leaders facing the Disciplinary Committee on charges of incitement may be innocent or guilty as charged. However, recognizing the authority of this established disciplinary office if the University, I can only call for Justice to be served. And as I sit outside this cream painted door, awaiting my verdict with fellow students, I still stand adamant that I have done the best I could for the student population.

All students should remain calm and await the decision of this legally established and necessary Office of the every academic institution of higher learning.

My next blog shall give the way forward after the much awaited decision of the Committee…

Ooko Victor – Secretary General, Students Union of Egerton University.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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